Simple green shakshuka

A quick and simple variety to the regular shakshuka dish: this time with green vegetables only. And it's healthy, too! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Us students can sometimes struggle with eating enough vegetables. That’s why this dish is, well, perfect, because this green shakshuka will get you so many vitamins that you can study extra hard! (Or do whatever else it is you do with that extra energy)

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Polenta fries

There are so many more side dishes than rice, potato or pasta! Try these simple, crunchy and delicious polenta fries for example. | Stay Alive and Cooking If I could tell my younger (student) self something, I would say that there are more possibilities for side dishes than just potatoes, macaroni and rice. Really, I think I ate one out of those three neeaaarly every day…. And now that I’m older, and still a student, I’m very happy I found so many more variations. Today, I’ll show you my first attempt at cooking polenta fries!

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Strawberry mozzarella salad with smoked chicken

 A delicious strawberry salad with mozzarella and smoked chicken, topped with a homemade basil/balsamic dressing. | Stay Alive and Cooking … and a delicious homemade dressing! I’ve gotta tell you, this really is one of my favourite salads EVER. And I’m going to share the recipe with you today! Continue reading if you like…:

  • Strawberries
  • Smoked chicken
  • Mozzarella
  • Lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Dressing

All in one delicious salad!

A delicious strawberry salad with mozzarella and smoked chicken, topped with a homemade basil/balsamic dressing. | Stay Alive and Cooking

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A bite of the apple – kindness


I’ll post more recipes very soon, promised! But today I want to share something different. It’s a story from when I was young, and it just popped into my head when I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s a special story to me, and I think it shows the kindness some people posess. In fact, it’s one of the only memories I remember clearly from that age.

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Basil and balsamic vinegar dressing

A delicious dressing made with fresh basil, garlic and balsamic vinegar to top your salads, vegetables, mozzarella or meats. | Stay Alive and Cooking

Ohhhh today I have a real treat for you! When I started living on my own, and cooking for myself, I always bought a dressing in the supermarket because I simply didn’t know how easy it was to make them myself. And now I can’t even remember the last time I bought one of those dressings! This dressing is perfect for over your salad, vegetables, mozzarella or even meat.

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Our generation

Today I thought I’d do something different, share something different… And combine personal stories with relevant issues. So many people I speak to feel unhappy, but where does that feeling come from? And more importantly – do we have reasons to feel like this?

I like to read, and I like to write. That’s why I figured I’d give this a shot… 🙂

A question that follows would be “why do we feel like underachievers” and I plan to discuss that next time.

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Spinach eggplant curry madras stir-fry

  A simple yet delicious stir-fry with spinach and eggplant, marinated in curry madras herbs. Perfect as side dish! | Stay Alive and Cooking

I bought a new wok last week so stir-fries is what we will eat! This is a delicious yet simple mix of spinach, eggplant garlic and curry madras herbs with less salt. Perfect as a side dish or dinner with some meat.

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Wine-pairing and delicious dinner at Bali James in Breda | Media event

Restaurant Bali James in Breda invited us to try their new wine - menu pairing and in this post I'll describe my experiences. | Stay Alive and Cooking

Last Monday I was invited to enjoy a delicious dinner at Indonesian restaurant Bali James in Breda together with around 20 other bloggers/foodies/people from the industry. This event was to raise awareness for the fact that Indonesian food can perfectly well be combined with wines, and to let us get to know the wines they have on their menu.

In this post I’ll write all about the experiences at my first media event: food – wines – connections – experience!

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Roasted vegetable dish with thyme

Any roasted vegetable can be delicious - but this recipe is my new personal favourite! Flavoured with some thyme and garlic. | Stay Alive and Cooking Today I share with you a delicious way to prepare some vegetables. You can eat these with your dinner or even enjoy them the next day with lunch! And it not only tastes good – it looks pretty too.

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