Quinoa salad with turkey as light dinner


Hi guys!

After all that cake and fries in my birthday weekend I decided it was time for something a little healthier for Monday’s dinner. A salad is always a good idea, and I found some tasty but rather healthy ingredients to go with it, creating a turkey-avocado-lettuce-feta quinoa salad!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s currently 4 degrees out here in Breda (the Netherlands) and I’m sitting outside, on my balcony, with a blanket and my laptop. The sun is shining so bright that it’s not cold at all! I absolutely love blogging this way, and I can’t wait for spring… Who’s with me!

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Life update: it’s my birthday!


Good morning, I think it’s time for another life update 😉

First of all: today is not my birthday. It was actually on 12/02, but I didn’t get to write about it until now! Even though I was alone on the day itself I had a really great birthday: we went out for dinner at an awesome wine bar (review will follow soon) and celebrated my birthday for family on Saturday in our apartment. My lovely friends came over on Sunday for some wine and cheese, too! Overall a great birthday weekend if you ask me.

The day started as it usually would: I went to the gym for a short morning work-out, and started planning my day after that. I had to finish one soup, prepare another, and bake two cakes! I prepared roasted tomato soup, a typical Dutch pea soup, a chocolate/vanilla cake and this lovely carrot cake. Took me nearly all day but the results were really nice 🙂

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The perfect carrot cake


Hey there!

Today I share with you a recipe to one of my favourite things in the whole wide world: carrot cake. When it’s baked properly you’ll have the perfect combination of sweet cake with spices, topped with a delicious lemon cream cheese topping. Yummm!

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday for family in our apartment in Breda. I baked this cake as well as a simple chocolate/vanilla cake, and asked my mum to bring an apple pie. The carrot cake was so popular, and I received so many compliments! Make this cake the star of your birthday too, with this great recipe.

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Noodles with broccoli and pork tenderloin


Hi again!

I’m so enthusiastic about this recipe I’m sharing today, I absolutely loved it… I don’t cook noodles often, but when deciding what I wanted to prepare I got this idea in my head and it turned out just as I wanted it to! Crispy broccoli, flavourful tenderloin and nice and salty mushrooms with noodles in a great sweet chilli sauce might just be my new favourite dish… Of the month at least 😉

A little while ago I walked to the Asian Toko here in Breda. I decided to go there more often: not only is their sweet chilli sauce delicious (instead of this sticky, waaay to sweet and not spicy at all version they sell in Dutch supermarkets), they also had many great ingredients such as frozen soy beans for a great price, soto for my next noodle soup, the matcha powder I had been looking for and so much more. Happy me!

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Interesting combination: chicken, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and pear



Last Sunday the boyfriend did the grocery shopping and he chose 3 recipes to try. (Of course I’ll be cooking them as he isn’t home until 7) This one sounds so weird but turned out to be really delicious! The salty chicken pairs really well with the pear, and I love mashed potatoes any way I eat them. We’re not a fan of brussel sprouts but this was okay. I would recommend you to try this!

First of all: in the original recipe they use store bought (sweet) potato mash. This is fine if you’re low on time but on any other occasion I really think it pays off to make it yourself! The fluffy texture of homemade mashed potatoes with loads of butter and milk, and then the great flavour of fresh chives, salt and pepper… Don’t try and tell me the store bought version can make you drool as much as a great fresh one!

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Two variations on oven-baked eggs


Hi there!
Today I share with you two of my favourite breakfast dishes. I love eggs for breakfast or lunch: they’re tasty, they’re easy and they can be prepared in so many ways. Take oven-baked eggs for example: the possibilities are endless. I’ll be sharing two of my favourite combinations in this post. Level up your egg baking skills with this great recipe!

Today is actually a great day. The sun is shining bright and it’s so nice to have that light inside of my house. I’ve done a lot of preparations for my birthday already, and later I’ll be baking a cake. Yay! I’m so enthusiastic right now I figured it would be a great time for writing. Continue reading for the recipe!

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Smoothie for breakfast: kale, blueberry, raspberry and blood orange



Just a quick recipe today: I’m new to this whole “smoothie for breakfast” thing but this one turned out pretty good so I decided to share it with you. I have some bad experiences with smoothies as we attempted a 1 day juice cleanse last month, which basically means you get nothing but smoothies all day. And not the nice and sweet smoothies, no: the horrible vegetable/ginger/celery type smoothies. Yuk.

But I decided to give it a go and create a recipe to provide myself with vitamins and enough energy for a gym-session. Mission succeeded!

By the way: the day this recipe uploads is my birthday!

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Oven baked beans, tomatoes, bacon and eggplant with freekeh as simple dinner


Good morning!

How are you today? I made a fresh smoothie (it was so good I might have to share the recipe…), went to the gym, took a shower, called my mom, did the laundry and now I’m ready to start blogging again! I kind of have to distract myself: this afternoon I will share the facebook page of this website with my friends so I’m rather nervous. By the way: I set my posts to upload at a certain time, so I’m already writing this post a day ahead 🙂

Today I share with you a rather simple dinner dish. I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to share, but as I was eating the leftovers for lunch I decided that I should not throw the recipe away. The oven baked vegetables are enough to eat by themselves, but I decided to add some freekeh to make it more of a meal. You can swap this out for couscous, rice or pasta.

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Banana bread: My first attempt at this healthy breakfast treat


Gooood morning!

As I’ve probably said a hundred times: I’m a breakfast person. I usually hate mornings but if there’s one good thing about it, it has to be breakfast. I usually make myself some oatmeal but I like to try something new every now and then, too. Lately every food blogger I follow has posted something about banana bread, and this always made me shiver… I like bananas as much as I like cycling through the rain. And no, I don’t like coming home soaking wet in case you were wondering!

So I literally have no idea why I decided it would be a good idea to bake a banana bread.  Anyway, I searched for a good recipe but they’re all entirely different so I decided to combine them and make my own recipe. Long story short: I added a bunch of different ingredients and I ended up liking it. SHOCKER! It has to be a fail-proof recipe, if even someone who hates bananas likes this bread… 😉

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