Roasted chicken thighs


For all of you students out there: this is such an easy yet delicious way to eat chicken. Really! Our whole apartment was filled with this amazing smell and the chicken itself was sooo tender and the flavours of the butter and herbs were soaked up by the meat and it was just… Perfect.

I don’t want to say I’ve reached my peak moment yet but this for sure is the best recipe on my blog so far!

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Green breakfast : smoothie and matcha oatmeal


It’s time for another breakfast recipe and this time it’s two verrrry green ones! Don’t let the looks deceive you though: they are actually very tasty.

I love smoothies for breakfast because it makes me feel like I am ready to take on the day with all those extra vitamins. No matter what happens next! And we all know how much I love oatmeal 😉 This matcha version is great for waking up!

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Tapas at “De Markt” in Breda

I looove tapas. First of all I usually really love those typical Spanish dishes, but I mainly love the idea of shared dining. You get to eat so many different dishes! You don’t have to choose! (Foodie dreams) And you can discover and taste new things together.

So I was quite happy when the boyfriend agreed to eat tapas for his birthday dinner last week. Quuuite happy. We chose to go to The Markt in Breda: read about our experiences in this post!

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Vegetable/herb cheese omelette & omelette struggles | budget-proof challenge


In my weakly meal planning I always leave the last day for dealing with vegetable leftovers. You can make them into delicious pasta dishes, this simple dinner oven dish or a great stir-fry dish… But today I’ll share with you a great way to turn them into an omelette with a twist.

I always have some eggs in my pantry as they are so versatile. Over the years I’ve levelled up my egg-game by turning them into great scrambled eggs, shakshuka in delicious tomato sauce, omelettes, oven baked eggs or cakes. (Wait, what? That’s not the same thing!) As I’m getting busy with school again I’ll be sure to share more of these dishes: simple and quick dinners are the best!

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Honey glazed carrots | budget-proof challenge


If you, like me, thought those fancy and decadent glazed carrots you saw in food photos or at restaurants were way too tricky for you to serve tonight: think again. It’s extremely easy and just as delicious as you thought they would be!

I love easy recipes. I mean, if you serve those to guests they assume you’ve spent the whole day in the kitchen, right? Well are they in for a surprise. They need only an hour in the oven, in which you can just relax or do the dishes. No rotating necessary!

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Pak choi and pork tenderloin noodle soup | budget-proof challenge

noodle soup

Noodle soups are the best. They are versatile, easy, comforting, nourishing and you can make them the day ahead already. The flavour can only improve! We Dutch people like to give our own spin to everything so I’m sorry if I’m not cooking noodles the traditional way: I love trying new things!

Today I’ll share with you a great noodle soup recipe that includes pak choi, spring onions, mushrooms and pork tenderloin. I love how comforting it is! And it has so many vegetables. But the best parts are the tasty pork tenderloin and the boiled egg. 

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Lemon Lime Cupcakes with buttercream frosting


First of all: I am aware that these lemon lime cupcakes are hideous. I tried to make it better and then I just… made it worse. I’m learning to bake, I need a lot of some time! That being said, I think that lemon and lime is a great flavour for cupcakes. And for me experimenting this was quite nice, too.

I made these cupcakes for my boyfriends’ birthday. I was afraid we would end up eating everything if I made a large cake, which made me decide to do cupcakes instead. And then I made twelve cupcakes. Errm…

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Cauliflower and potato purée with sausage | budget-proof challenge

cauliflower and potato mash

Us Dutchies are known for our purées and mashes. Typical Dutch dishes are vegetables with potatoes mashed together, served with sausage or a meatball. Today I share with you a variety that I didn’t know when I grew up, but that we found to be very very delicious: a cauliflower and potato purée!

As I mentioned before I’m more of a “freestyle cook”: I really can’t follow a recipe. This dish is the result of my imagination! I rarely cook with cauliflower but after creating my version of a Dutch “stamppotje” with it I think I’m in love. It’s so creamy and tasty and the nutmeg gives it such a nice touch… Definitely try the recipe down below!

As this is still part of my budget-proof month, this lovely cauliflower and potato mash will cost you only €1,20 per person.

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