Granola and (blood) orange yoghurt pie

Healthy granola and blood orange pie | Stay Alive and Cooking As you could read in my recipe for lemon yoghurt pie, I’m completely into healthy pies ever since I tasted one. That’s why I bring you another recipe today: a gluten and sugar free granola and blood orange yoghurt pie! How good does that sound?! The granola adds a nice and crunchy layer, and the blood orange adds that zing you really crave after you had one slice. I’m sure this recipe will win you over, too!

Of course, you can make this recipe with regular oranges too.

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Sweet pickled (blood) oranges

Sweet pickled blood oranges | Stay Alive and Cooking

I made a jar full of these delicious sweet pickled blood oranges today because, well, I don’t know why. But I’m glad I did it! My favourite way to eat them is by far on top of a bowl of yoghurt… So good! But you can also eat them with bread and butter, cake, oatmeal, pie, custard, or in any sweet or even savoury dish. And it looks pretty on your kitchen counter, too 😉

Sweet pickled blood oranges | Stay Alive and Cooking

To be honest I thought pickled fruits and jams and stuffs were for old people. I mean, when someone says “lets make some jams!” you don’t get really excited, do you? It’s great for when you have croissants or something but it’s not exactly what we would call sexy. This blood orange version , however, is something completely different. The vibrant colours, sweet flavours and endless possibilities and recipes to use them: I’m a fan! 

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Life update: April | Student life and saying goodbye to Mino


Hi guys, I just quickly wanted to tell you about certain events in my life! Good and bad parts unfortunately.

It has been a while since I posted a life update, also because I usually add a quick update with my recipe posts. Sometimes I doubt on whether or not to include those personal stories, but then I remember that this is my blog and that I enjoy reading other peoples’ personal stories too! I read foodblogs only partially because I get inspired from the recipes: a large part is about enjoying stories, bits and pieces of the lives of others.

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Chicken and veggies roasted to perfection

Chicken and vegetables roasted in the oven for a perfect dinner dish. Includes recipe for chicken seasoning! | Stay Alive and Cooking

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I have been using my oven way more lately. I love those kind of meals! You cut your vegetables in big chunks, add the meat, season the bunch, toss it in the oven and then you have around 45 minutes to do whatever you want (dishes? Movies? Homework?) until your food is ready. Chicken and veggies roasted to perfection? Yes, please!

And all of that for only 2,30 per portion! Sadly, I will need to move away from my Monday = affordable dishes from now on. I have to spend less time blogging because of school unfortunately, and having a theme on specific days is a bit too difficult. Will continue to upload affordable dishes during the week, of course!

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Flatbread pizza two ways

Pizza bread two ways | Stay Alive and Cooking

We don’t eat pizza often, but we like to eat different things pizza style. I mean, there are so many ways to do this! Take my pizza fries for example, or this healthy pizza. Today I’m going to share a new variety with you: flatbread pizza, two ways. Delicious!

I’m going to share with you our two favourite pizza toppings: mozzarella & pesto and tomato sauce with salami. You can, of course, make these pizzas anyway you like!

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Roasted bell pepper pasta sauce with salami chips

A delicious and rich pasta sauce made with roasted bell pepper, tomato, spring onion, minced meat and topped with salami | Stay Alive and Cooking

Woohoooo! It’s time for another pasta recipe. And a great one, let me tell you that 😉 This pasta sauce with roasted bell peppers, spring onion, minced meat and tomato is creamy, tasty, salty and sweet and overall de-lic-ious. Top that with these crazy rich and yummy salami chips and you’ve got yourself a winning dish! This has got to be one of my new favourites and today I share the recipe with you.

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