Guilt-free yoghurt lemon pie

Guilt-free yoghurt lemon pie, click for recipe! | Stay Alive and Cooking

I always thought that eating those “healthier pies” was only for people who were really good at dieting and living healthy and stuff. I mean, if I’m at a restaurant I’m going to order a dessert, and it better have loads of butter and sugar in it! However, I’ve gotta admit that I was wrong. Oh, so wrong! I made a guilt free pie today, and it’s delicious!

I really thought I’d rather not eat pie than have a healthier one. Yes, I seriously am that stubborn. Pie is supposed to be sweet and tasty and delicious… Not healthy and, well, not tasty you know? Oh how I wish I had tried this one sooner. The nuts and dates in the crust taste almost like cookies, and the yoghurt topping is so nice and creamy thanks to the honey and lemon…. Healthy pies, you’ve won me over!

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My version of chilli con carne | affordable dish


It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another affordable dish! This dish is spicy, flavourful, comforting and in general just very very exciting. I mean, whoever invented the combination of tomatoes, beans and minced meat is a true genius! Pair with cooked rice and you have a great and hearty dish.

Always when the boyfriend would suggest cooking chilli or any Mexican dish in general I would wrinkle my nose in disgust. Now I seriously can’t remember why! I mean I love beans, I love minced meat and I love vegetables… I’m not into spicy food that much but hey, I’ve gotta learn. And this is a great dish to start.

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Dinner at ‘t Wapen van Marion in Oostvoorne


It’s a tradition to go out for dinner when it’s our birthday. We get to choose where we go: which have been many different places over the years! This time we combined my birthday dinner with my boyfriends’ and decided to go to ‘t Wapen van Marion.

We chose from the a la carte menu and had a starter, main and of course dessert. Want to know how we experienced this? Continue reading…

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Grandma’s fried potatoes

Grandma's fried potatoes | Stay Alive and Cooking

Today I will show you my grandma’s way to cook fried potatoes. Don’t worry: simplicity is key here! You will love these rich and crunchy potatoes, that give such a wonderful feeling in your mouth. They are so good you won’t be able to put down your fork! I love these as side dish, and so will you. Trust me.

If there was one reason why younger me loved sleeping at grandma’s place, it was her amazing cooking skills. She didn’t make fancy dishes at all, one of her best is a simple grilled cheese, but it’s always so rich and tasty… One word: butter. Grandma uses a lot of butter. This is probably why these fried potatoes are so great! 

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