Spring cleaning tips and tricks 

We all hate cleaning but love the end result, right? Well, I'm here to make your life a little easier. Cleaning tips with stuff you already own! | Stay Alive and Cooking

If you have been postponing this years Spring cleaning and reorganising: welcome to the club. I quite like the idea of doing this (at least) once a year at a certain time, but then actually doing it is something else entirely. Do you feel me? To make it a little easier for you I’ve written down some cleaning tips and tricks, using hings you already own such as vinegar!

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Spinach-beef meatballs with spaghetti in creamy tomato sauce

Spinach-beef meatballs in creamy tomato sauce | Stay Alive and Cooking

Pasta is always a good source of inspiration. Today I decided to reinvent the classic “spaghetti and meatballs” and make it my way! The meatballs are made of spinach and minced meat and surprisingly tasty: If you close your eyes you almost can’t tell it’s not 100% beef! Weird, right? The spinach adds a nice flavour, too.

Are you ready to see this recipe? You won’t regret it, I’m really proud of how it tasted and the boyfriend loved it! 

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Homemade granola

  Home made granola | Stay Alive and Cooking Good day!
As I mentioned before: breakfast recipes are my favourite recipes to share. And I have so many! Granola for example, which I started making a few months ago. Not only does it taste very nice in a bowl of yoghurt in the morning, it makes your whole house smell nice, too!

It does not take up that much work, you just need to find the right balance. I just keep tasting in between, but if you are more a “recipe kinda person” I bet you’ll be able to measure your way through it in no time. Trust me, once you taste this granola you’ll crave it for breakfast every day…
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Almond or rice milk and the nut milk bag

Homemade almond or rice milk | Stay Alive and Cooking

Did I ever tell you that I grew up on a farm? Even though I live on my own now I still have the same routines: waking up real early, milking the almonds… I’m kidding. Of course. But I did make my own almond milk! And today I tried rice milk too. I will include the simple recipes I used!

(For the record: I hate getting up real early in the morning and I never had to milk anything at home. No cows in sight!)

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