Zucchini with taco filling (vegan, gf)

These healthy zucchini "boats" are filled with beans, corn, red onion and herbs to resemble a gluten free and vegan taco dish. | Stay Alive and Cooking

These healthy zucchini “boats” are filled with beans, corn, red onion and herbs to resemble a gluten free and vegan taco dish. Both delicious and very filling!

Every once I cook a dish with only vegetables and beans. This can be a challenge, as it’s not always as filling as my regular meals: we’re so used to eating either meat or potatoes/rice/pasta! However, this dish meets the requirements of a regular meal. We were soooo full!

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First impressions of Lisbon

IMG_2328If there’s one thing I like more than enjoying the sun, eating loads of food, having multiple glasses of wine (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!) and in general having a good time, it’s doing all those things in a new city.  This blog will tell you a bit about the city of Lisbon and my first impressions! 

I’ve decided to do a “Lisbon” series on my blog, because I thoroughly enjoy reporting on our adventures. The first blog I had was to keep the people at home up to date with my adventures abroad! 

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Simple tomato frittata

A simple, quick and delicious recipe for a tomato frittata. A great way to use leftover veggies, and perfect for lunch or dinner! | Stay Alive and Cooking

I started this blog to show the average student like myself that cooking isn’t hard. I know that I’ve shared many fairly difficult recipes, so I’m here to make it up to you by sharing this recipe for one of the simplest yet extremely tasty recipes on this blog: a tomato frittata.

It’s nutritious, delicious, highly customizable and perfect for getting rid of those leftover vegetables. And the best of it all is that it’s done in no time, you can just shove it in the oven and do something else for a while!

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Oatmeal cookies with peanut butter drizzle

A less guilty oatmeal cookie variety with delicious peanut butter drizzle. No added sugar or butter! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Ohh hello beautiful cookies. Don’t they look pretty? I love cookies filled with sugar, chocolate and butter but those “less guilty” cookies are such a nice variety too. Because there’s no added sugar it simply means you can eat twice as many, am I right?

These simple yet delicious oatmeal cookies contain peanuts, honey and vanilla to make one of my favourite flavour combinations. And to make it even better they are drizzled with some peanut butter & chia seeds for that finishing touch!

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