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I love food, I love writing and I love lists. What’s not to love about the 25 food questions tag? Accompanied with random food photos. Yes. I made sure that all the pictures are clickable so they will redirect you to the recipe or post that belongs to the photo, how cool is that?!

By the way, if there for any reason are questions you’d like to ask me feel free to do so! You can fill out a contact form or simply send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

This weekend has been a little hectic because we celebrated my boyfriends birthday, so we didn’t cook at all on Saturday. We were so lazy we just ate the leftover crackers and cheeses! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a great budget proof recipe.


#1: What is your favourite breakfast?
My goodness. Can’t we start a little easier?! I love everything with oatmeal such as a great apple/oatmeal crumble or simply a warm bowl of oats with honey and nuts. Buuut on more special occasions I love these pumpkin pancakes!

#2: How do you drink your coffee?
I love coffee, as long as there’s milk in it. I really like cappuccinos but am also perfectly happy with a simple cup of coffee with warmed up milk!

#3: What is your favourite sandwich?
Errr… I don’t eat sandwiches that often anymore! But when I do, I love hummus and thinly sliced turkey fillet. Or a simple mozzarella/tomato/pesto variety… Or a bagel with chicken and avocado! Maybe I should start eating sandwiches more often again.


#4: Soup or salad?
This one’s easy. Salads are great from time to time but I prefer a great homemade soup every once in a while! I make one nearly every week.

#5: Name your favourite cookbook.
Oh god, I actually have so many… I love “Simple Dinners” by Donna Hay because of the beautiful pictures, but I’ve never actually cooked one of the recipes. I love the (Dutch) cookbooks by Chickslovefood, Gewoon wat een studentje ‘s avonds eet and Uit Paulines keuken. Furthermore I always cut out recipes from food magazines, and I have enough to fill my own cookbook now… Haha!

#6: Ban sugar or salt?
Errrm… I love sweet stuff like chocolate and desserts (o my god that’s my favourite part) but I think it would be harder to live without salt. So I’ll ban out sugar.

beef stew DSCN5665 (1)

#7: Which cuisine is your favourite?
Hmmm, I think my cooking is mostly inspired by the Italian and French cuisine. Also for going out for dinner I love both, but also love a good sushi restaurant or tapas.

#8: What is your favourite food movie?
Heh, I wrote a blog post about this question! I think it would be Chef.

#9: What is your guilty pleasure?
PEANUT BUTTER. And chocolate. And soft goats cheese, as odd as that may sound.

DSCN5791 DSCN6117

#10: Where do you get your inspiration?
I love food blogs! I read them on Bloglovin’ every day. And Instagram is great too, I love seeing how people react to my photos and I can get so inspired from seeing things other people post.

#11: Home cooking or going out for dinner?
Going out for dinner is great but I wouldn’t want to do it too often. I obviously love cooking but I don’t want to opt for that either… Can I choose for both? I’ve had some great experiences in restaurants, that’s for sure.

#12: High end or low profile?
Definitely low profile. I don’t really enjoy being in the spotlight as I would worry (anxiety) so this one is easy.

DSCN5428 DSCN5200

#13: What is your favourite restaurant?
That changes every few months. On my birthday we had a great experience eating at Denovo in Breda, but there are so many more places I love to go. Good and personal service is something I really value.

#14: Where do you buy your groceries?
Haha. Interesting question. I usually cycle to the Lidl as they have a great variety of affordable vegetables. I would like to go to the market more often, too. And I like going to the Asian Toko sometimes! Such awesome things they sell, from wasabi ice cream to matcha powder.

#15: What is the best dish you ever had?
I cannot answer this question! Hello! This is called a food tag for people who love food, how could I possibly choose… Gee. I loved every dish and pasta and gnocchi I had when we were in Rome, I am sometimes quite happy with what I cook myself and every time I go out for dinner I find a new favourite. Does that count?

DSCN4927 20151024_121523

#16: What is your favourite cocktail?
Well… I don’t drink cocktails that often to be honest. I’m not much of a party all night kinda girl! I like a classic mojito, caipiroska or cuba libre. Bit boring eh?

#17: Would you rather drink a cup of coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
Even though I had to google mr Blumenthal I would prefer to drink coffee with him. Apparently he’s a British 3-Michelin star chef so I guess he would have some interesting stories and tips to share!

#18: What object in your kitchen can you not live without?
Definitely my Magimix food processor! I’m in love with it… You can use it for anything and everything: from smoothies to dough to grated or sliced vegetables and stuff.


#19: What is your favourite snack?
Ha! What isn’t would be a better question. I love cookies, chocolate and chips but if I want to be a bit healthier I’ll eat crackers with hummus or a rice waffle with peanut butter.

#20: What’s on your pizza?
Ooohh, I love pizza! I love a simple mozzarella, pesto and tomato or salami and cheese.

#21: Is there something you really don’t like?
Yep, olives. Yuk! Or those canned fish in sauce things… And as you could read before I’m struggling to find a tasty way to eat Brussels sprouts.


#22: What is your favourite food blog?
I follow so many blogs it’s not even funny. Of course, Food52 is one of the greatest ones as well as The pioneer woman cooks. I also follow many smaller blogs, might elaborate on that in a separate post.

#23: What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
When I was in Sydney we once had kangaroo and crocodile meat. Very interesting! The kangaroo was okay but the crocodile was in some sort of purΓ©e and not really nice.

#24: Do you have a food bucket list?
YES! I actually have a recipe bucket list with things I want to bake and try. For foods I’d like to try I’m not so sure, maybe actual wagyu beef… Tough question. I do want to prepare mussels one time though: Until now I’ve only gotten sick from them *sad face* 


#25: What food couldn’t you live without?
Chocolate, peanut butter, avocados, oatmeal and butter.


Woopwoop! You made it until the end of the list! It was quite some work to type this let me tell you. Please, have you clicked any links? Otherwise I implemented all of them for nothing! πŸ˜› Anyway thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon with a new post.

See ya!

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6 thoughts on “25 Food Questions Tag

  1. Definitely difficult questions, I couldn’t answer most of them!
    However, food processor is also a kitchen tool I couldn’t live without. 2 years ago mine was broken and I didn’t had any for 5 days and I was totally depressed. Hahaha, it sounds dramatic, but that really happened πŸ˜€

    1. I had the same problem! I love food, how could I pick my favourites…
      You’re so right, I’m in love with my food processor! I can totally imagine the horror, I use it nearly every day.

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