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I’ll post more recipes very soon, promised! But today I want to share something different. It’s a story from when I was young, and it just popped into my head when I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s a special story to me, and I think it shows the kindness some people posess. In fact, it’s one of the only memories I remember clearly from that age.


Elementary school

I don’t remember exactly when this story takes place but I was very young. I think around 6 years of age… And I don’t remember much, only the real special memories you know.

When I was in elementary school, we had this rather old lady as teacher. Once again I don’t remember exactly how old she was, but she was old enough to have retired already. I guess she loved teaching so much she didn’t.

Anyway, we were all supposed to bring our own snacks and drinks to school. We had a break around 10-ish, and a real break around 12 that allowed us to quickly go home for lunch. When we had our snack and juice packet, this old lady occasionally ate an apple.


The apple

I remember she cut her apple with those zigzag lines you can see on the picture. We as kids loved it, and were immediately intrigued. Actually, almost all my memories from that time were of this old lady and her apple. She made all of us bite one of those triangles off the apple, one by one. Even though we were kids and usually refused to eat our fruits and veggies, the way she handled this was so special to us that we all wanted a bite.

To me it seems funny that even though at that age we were usually playing and having fun, I can’t remember those times at all. Yet this memory is clear as a picture. She left a real impression on us you know, and even when I look back at it now I smile. She showed us kindness, and had all of us patiently waiting to take a bite off of her apple.



She is no longer with us. One of the other memories I clearly have is being at school, not knowing what was going on but later finding out that all the teachers were running around like headless chickens because they found out our beloved teacher went to sleep and never woke up again.

I feel sad writing this last paragraph, as I would have loved to tell her years later what an impact her actions had on me, on us, even after all this time. Sometimes I like to think back to that time, think back to how one selfless act can make us believe in kindness.



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