Inspiration from food festivals: Allerhande Christmas Fair

Halfway December we got into the Christmas spirit! We visited the ‘Allerhande Kerstfestival’, which is a Christmas fair filled with food to taste & wine to sample.

Food festivals

In comparison to my previous food festival post, I didn’t take many photos. There was so much to see and taste, and it was simply too crowded to take out my camera on many occasions. Still, I’d like to share some of the ideas I got from this Christmas-filled day!

The setup

On a cloudy, dark Saturday Louise (creativecookings, go follow her!) took the train to Utrecht. Louise and I haven’t known each other for very long, but we soon became food buddies! We met through Instagram, where she contacted me after she found out we lived in the same city. Isn’t that cool? Modern day friendship!

Anyway, we arrived at the festival on this gloomy Saturday and were in awe by everything we saw. Food trucks/stalls all around us: where should we start! We decided to follow the route, which does make a lot of sense doesn’t it 😉

Allerhande kerstfestival - Christmas fair

So, we started with the snacks. We were totally in love with this goats cheese bite prepared for us by a super friendly man from the crew: soft goats cheese, a dried cranberry, a pecan nut, honey and I believe thyme. I’ve never tried this combination, but was so pleasantly surprised! We already knew honey & goats cheese to be a great match, but this may have even been better.

I’m going to recreate this for Christmas: I think I’ll make a goats cheese/cranberry/pecan dip. Sounds good, no? Inspiration #1! And my favourite part of the day.

There was a large variety of cold cut meats and cheeses available, which we didn’t mind AT ALL. Rather traditional, but always a good idea! Also, we saw and tasted cheese fondue. Love cheese, but personally I wouldn’t serve it for Christmas: we’d all be full after starters!

Allerhande kerstfestival - Christmas fair

Outside the box

We’ve spent around 3.5 hours at this festival, so plenty of inspiration! A pleasant surprise were the ‘untraditional’ foods: vegetarian mini burgers, and even vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. For me, Christmas is based on meat: the vegetables are just details that are easily forgotten. To think of vegetarian Christmas is… New. I think. Although I can’t try this with my family (dad and his brothers are real carnivores…) it’s definitely something I like to keep in mind.

Mini vegetarian (vegan?) spaghetti bolognese, so cuuuute! #foodblog #foodie #foodshare

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Furthermore, there was this (crowded) stall with… Sushi! I personally wouldn’t mind having something lighter as a starter or course for Christmas, such as sushi. It’s quite untraditional, but maybe a nice way to ‘lighten up’ the heavy dinner.


One thing we both definitely loved: roasted ham glazed with maple syrup. They served slices of this ham on top of French toast (yes, really!) and it was such a great combination. Again, this proves that combining salt & sweet is the way to go!

Being the sweet tooth that I am, I of course also loved the dessert section. The salted caramel – chocolate ‘bombe’ was my favourite: so rich and indulgent! (I sound a bit like Nigella Lawson now, haha)

Allerhande kerstfestival - Christmas fair

I wish I could share everything I saw there with you guys, but I guess I’m going to leave it at this for now. Hope you feel a bit inspired too!
– Vivian

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