Breakfast for Two at ‘In Kannen en Kruiken’

After a bit of absence from my side (sorry, sorry! Personal life is happening!) I decided to share with you our experiences with the ‘breakfast for 2’ at “In Kannen en Kruiken” in Breda. We had this for our 4-year anniversary!

This post contains my personal opinions, and is in no way sponsored by In Kannen en Kruiken or any other company.

My absence

As I mentioned before, I’ve been quite absent. This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my love for cooking or food in general: quite the opposite! However, with personal life happening I don’t always have the time and energy needed to work on my blog.

Also, I’ve been spending a bit of time on my second blog: The Paper Letter. This is a more personal blog, dedicated to my process in finding a creative outlet (mail!) and stories of what has been going on in my life. I also have a YouTube channel linked to that site.

In Kannen en Kruiken

Anyway, onto the subject at hand today: our BIG celebratory breakfast! As you’ve heard me say 2000 times before… I’m a huge fan of breakfast. (see the breakfast recipe section for proof!) The boyfriend and I try to stay somewhat up to date with the selection of restaurants in the city, which is how we could easily decide as to where to spend our Sunday morning.

In Kannen en Kruiken is located in the city center of Breda, in the Veemarktstraat. The restaurant itself is a bit dark, but there’s a huge garden on one side, and a window on the other. We sat at the window, which is the perfect place for people gazing 😉

They specialize in good food and coffee, including all day breakfast. Today I’ll be talking about the breakfast for two.

Breakfast for two

Okay so in short, what we received:

  • a breakfast bowl for me and overnight oats for the bf
  • toast with pumpkin jam
  • toast with scrambled eggs
  • a croissant
  • French toast made from sugar loaf, served with blueberries, whipped cream and poached pears

With this I had a dirty Chai latte (which simply means you add a shot of espresso to your regular Chai… ;)), a bottle of water and the bf had a humble cappuccino.

Our opinion

Okay, so the breakfast for 2 at ‘In Kannen en Kruiken’…. In one word: YUM! The toast with butter and pumpkin jam was my favorite, as that was probably the best jam I’d ever tasted. Scrambled eggs were good, the French toast was firm but not too sweet and a great combination with the poached pears, and one can’t go wrong with a croissant…

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the breakfast bowl, as it contained many sweet/sour fruits all blitzed into one smoothie which didn’t really get me excited. The granola on top was nice and crunchy, but I’m not a fan of mango/pineapple in the morning 😉

We did have to wait for quite a bit, but as it was a busy Sunday morning we could see why. The staff was friendly and competent, and the ambiance was friendly. We sat next to the window which was really nice as it gave us some privacy: most of the restaurant can be rather crowded.

If you’re a fan of all day breakfast, I definitely recommend going to ‘In Kannen en Kruiken’! We had a wide variety of breakfast dishes, but you can also simply pick one. That will most likely fulfil your needs as well 😉


Just a short & snappy post today, I’m really hoping to upload some more soon! Hope you’re all doing okay and please feel free to check out my other website as well. See you soon!
– Vivian
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