Brussels sprouts salad with apple and chicken | budget-proof challenge


I always try to find new ways to enjoy Brussels sprouts because, to be honest, I really don’t like them. (I mean come on, who didn’t hate them as a kid? And maybe still does, years later?) So far I haven’t been entirely successful but I’m not one to give up easily so I tried another recipe.

It was… interesting. I followed a recipe which told me to use raw Brussels sprouts, chicken and capers combined with a vegan Caesar Salad dressing but I of course gave my own spin to it. Read about this and our experiences with it in this post!

As this was part of my budget proof challenge this recipe was very cheap: only €5 for the whole salad: which means €1,25 per person!

brussel sprout salad


First of all I pan fried the sprouts for about 10 minutes, I don’t know if it made much of a difference though… I know that eating raw Brussels sprouts can be very hard to digest for certain people, so if you are having troubles with your stomach I suggest you cook the brussels sprouts through. Even though I toasted them for 10 minutes they were still relatively uncooked, and we both felt our stomachs rumbling and making noises for the rest of the evening.

Secondly, in the original recipe by Iowagirleats all of the sprouts are sliced by hand. This is fine but very time consuming, so if you own a food processor I really would recommend you use this instead!

I replaced the vegan Caesar salad dressing by a simple mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, egg yolk and Parmezan cheese.

By far my most important tip is to add apple! The Brussels sprouts are quite heavy and it is delicious to combine this with some sweet and fresh pieces of apple. Makes it less spicy, too.

Brussels sprouts salad with apple and chicken

We ate this dish with the two of us, but there was enough left for two more persons. The next day I ate some of it for lunch but then I pan fried the sliced sprouts: it tasted really good! It was way easier to digest this way, too.

Brussels sprout salad
Serves 4
An interesting salad made with sliced brussels sprouts, chicken, apple and Caesar salad dressing. I would suggest pan frying the sprouts after slicing them, to make it easier to digest. Or, have this as a small salad on the side instead of main course.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. Brussels sprouts, 750g
  2. Chicken, two fillets (+/- 300g)
  3. Apple, 1 small
  4. Caesar salad dressing
  5. Chicken seasoning or salt and pepper
  1. Clean and slice the Brussels sprouts. The thinner, the better. Use a food processor to save time.
  2. [If you want to follow my tip: toss the slices into a frying pan with some oil and cook them for around 10 minutes on medium heat]
  3. Season the chicken and place this in a frying pan with some oil. Fry until cooked through.
  4. Meanwhile, cut an apple into small pieces.
  5. Place the sprout slices and apple pieces in a bowl. Top with dressing and mix through.
  6. Let the chicken cool down for a minute, and then slice it. Place this on top of the salad.
  7. Done! Enjoy.
Adapted from Iowagirleats
Adapted from Iowagirleats
That was my budget proof recipe for today: only €1,25 per person! Seems like a really great affordable recipe to me. I hope you enjoyed this, I will be back tomorrow with more.
Love, Vivian

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12 thoughts on “Brussels sprouts salad with apple and chicken | budget-proof challenge

  1. Viv, I LOVE that you made a recipe based on an ingredient you didn’t enjoy… to make yourself enjoy it more. Lol. Hopefully that made sense. 😉 I’ve definitely been there: you know you should eat this specific ingredient because it’s healthy, but it’s kinda hard to enjoy. Great idea on combining the brussels sprouts with caesar dressing and apple slices. This sounds delish! Great job on the budget challenge so far. xo

    1. Hehe, I know right! You read all those posts about how healthy it is but you just feel like eating anything else… Thanks Demeter!

    1. It’s so funny of you to say that – before I read the post containing this recipe I had never heard of shaved brussels salads! Maybe we aren’t that adventurous here in the Netherlands, haha.

      The apples were my favourite part! So nice, fresh and crisp in combination with the brussels sprouts.

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you around 🙂

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