Cappuccinos at KoffieTenTje in Breda


Sundays… I love Sundays. We’re going to the movies in about half an hour (it’s still my boyfriends birthday weekend as I’m typing this!) and we’ve cleaned all of our little house today. But now that he’s gone for groceries, I have half an hour to dedicate to this blog post. With the sun shining on my computer. Did I mention that I love Sundays?

Last week I met up with my dear friend Natasha, who was back after her internship abroad. She has been one of my closest friends from the beginning of our education, even though we were divided in different classes after our first year. We didn’t see each other for so long, but everything still felt the same! This post will describe the cute coffee place we visited.

As I mentioned before we live in Breda, a smaller city in the Netherlands. I’m absolutely in love with this city and everything it entails: it’s so friendly and inviting! Seriously, when you go into the city centre there are restaurants and cafés everywhere and it’s just so nice to walk around and do some people gazing… I never want to leave this place.


Meeting up in Breda

Anyway, we decided to catch up after not seeing each other for so long. We could have gone to the larger square in the city centre where most of the well-known restaurants and cafés are, but I always cycle past this cute little café on my way to the gym and was dying to find out what it was like from the inside. Oh, my curiosity…

Curiosity wins again! It was really nice and quite tiny: I think there were only 14 seats available inside. Half of the space is taken by the bar with professional coffee machine. We were served by a nice lady, who might have been the owner herself.


KoffieTenTje in Breda

We both ordered a cappuccino and looked around the café. The first impression was rather positive: it’s very cosy and Instagram-worthy so to say! Flowers on the table, different sugar pots every where and lights on the ceiling. It had a certain charm.

The coffees took a little long but because we could see her making them right in front of us it wasn’t a big problem. She made them one by one instead of two at a time, which to me seemed a bit inefficient but this ensured a great cup of coffee.


The lady who served us was quiet but very friendly, and I’m sure that if I would have been alone she would have made a friendly chat. My friend is from Indonesia so we spoke English, which sometimes scares people off as well. I did notice that some other guests were regulars, and people only come back if you provide them with personal service, right?

The menu

We ordered cappuccinos but we could have chosen many other things: she did not only serve various coffees and teas but soft drinks as well.

There was a small menu with home made soups and sandwiches, as well as cakes. All interesting but accessible items on the menu, and I’m sure it suits many different guests.


Our experience

We stayed for a good two hours, and we felt very welcome. The hostess wasn’t asking us if we wanted more drinks or anything, she just waited until we notified her that we would like another cappuccino. We saw many different people come and go, either alone or with others. It seems like a very good place to come and read a book, or have a break from work.

Our experience was definitely positive, and I would love to go back there to do some blogging or school work. I would recommend KoffieTenTje in Breda for a great cup of coffee and friendly and quiet but welcoming environment!


Side notes

It was so good to see my friend again! I’m always a bit worried about school-related things because “what if I feel stupid for not being at the same point in our education” or “what if I get stressed out from the future perspective of my education” or any other blabla. But seriously, I worried for nothing. We laughed and talked for so long and I hope to see her again many times in the time she’s in Breda.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another recipe, see you around!

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