Easy chilli con carne + video

Chilli con carne is a delicious meaty dish that can easily be made from scratch. This video shows you exactly how! Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

Super easy chilli con carne with easy how-to video.

It’s time to remake one of my favourite recipes into a video! Chilli con carne is such an easy and delicious dish: any beginning cook can totally impress with this simple recipe! Includes easy how-to video.

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Zucchini with taco filling (vegan, gf)

These healthy zucchini "boats" are filled with beans, corn, red onion and herbs to resemble a gluten free and vegan taco dish. | Stay Alive and Cooking

These healthy zucchini “boats” are filled with beans, corn, red onion and herbs to resemble a gluten free and vegan taco dish. Both delicious and very filling!

Every once I cook a dish with only vegetables and beans. This can be a challenge, as it’s not always as filling as my regular meals: we’re so used to eating either meat or potatoes/rice/pasta! However, this dish meets the requirements of a regular meal. We were soooo full!

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Green beans and onion with balsamic glaze

Roasted onions and green beans with balsamic glaze | Stay Alive and Cooking

I’ve found a new love for roasted vegetables and this is definitely a great recipe! And so easy, too: just clean the green beans, cut the onion and garlic, toss this in an oven dish with the balsamic vinegar and some olive oil and then into the oven for 25 minutes: done!

Green beans are a vegetable I don’t nearly eat enough. That is definitely going to change now, as I got so much inspiration from cooking this dish… Did you see my green bean and tomato quiche yet?

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Green bean and tomato quiche

The perfect quiche for a warm spring evening, with green beans and tomato. Top with some smoked meat: delicious! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Woohoo! It’s sort of Spring! I decided to celebrate by making a lighter and thinner green bean and tomato quiche. It’s easypeasy and delicious.. What’s not to love?

Sometimes I just sort of invent recipes out of the blue. Love it when that happens! This recipe “happened” because they were out of asparagus in the store. Hey if it brings inspiration, who cares? Asparagus season has not officially started in the Netherlands yet so I’ve still got time for my original recipe. Get excited!

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My version of chilli con carne | affordable dish


It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another affordable dish! This dish is spicy, flavourful, comforting and in general just very very exciting. I mean, whoever invented the combination of tomatoes, beans and minced meat is a true genius! Pair with cooked rice and you have a great and hearty dish.

Always when the boyfriend would suggest cooking chilli or any Mexican dish in general I would wrinkle my nose in disgust. Now I seriously can’t remember why! I mean I love beans, I love minced meat and I love vegetables… I’m not into spicy food that much but hey, I’ve gotta learn. And this is a great dish to start.

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