Homemade granola in 3 simple steps | I AM ON YOUTUBE?!

Granola is super easy and can be done in no time. It’s highly customizable: add any ingredient you like!

Granola is super easy and can be done in no time. It's highly customizable: add any ingredient you like. And yes, you read that right... I am on YouTube!

Yes, you read that right… I am on YouTube! I filmed my very first video yesterday, and decided to edit and upload it right away. I’ve started with something suuuuper simple: a bit as a test for myself, too. And who doesn’t love granola, right?

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Peanut butter quinoa granola

Granola is one of my favourite ways to start the day, and this version with peanut butter and quinoa makes breakfast even better! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Granola is one of my favourite ways to start the day, and this version with peanut butter and quinoa makes breakfast even better! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Yes yes yes, I’ve said this a million times: I love breakfast. I bake some fresh granola almost every week, as it’s my boyfriends favourite breakfast with some yoghurt! His second favourite breakfast is bread with peanut butter, which inspired me to play around with the flavours and create this yummy granola variety.

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Oatmeal breakfast pie with yoghurt and pear

Start your day right with this delicious oatmeal pie topped with yoghurt and pear! It's crunchy, creamy, simple and tasty. | Stay Alive and Cooking

It’s time for another great breakfast recipe! This time I experimented with a breakfast pie: a delicious oat crust topped with some yoghurt and fresh pear or any fruit of choice. It’s really really good: I love the combination of the crunchy crust with the smooth yoghurt and sweet fruit! The perfect variation to my regular oatmeal 😉

If you like breakfast pies, don’t forget to check out this apple/oatmeal crumble!

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Homemade granola

  Home made granola | Stay Alive and Cooking Good day!
As I mentioned before: breakfast recipes are my favourite recipes to share. And I have so many! Granola for example, which I started making a few months ago. Not only does it taste very nice in a bowl of yoghurt in the morning, it makes your whole house smell nice, too!

It does not take up that much work, you just need to find the right balance. I just keep tasting in between, but if you are more a “recipe kinda person” I bet you’ll be able to measure your way through it in no time. Trust me, once you taste this granola you’ll crave it for breakfast every day…
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Almond or rice milk and the nut milk bag

Homemade almond or rice milk | Stay Alive and Cooking

Did I ever tell you that I grew up on a farm? Even though I live on my own now I still have the same routines: waking up real early, milking the almonds… I’m kidding. Of course. But I did make my own almond milk! And today I tried rice milk too. I will include the simple recipes I used!

(For the record: I hate getting up real early in the morning and I never had to milk anything at home. No cows in sight!)

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Green breakfast : smoothie and matcha oatmeal


It’s time for another breakfast recipe and this time it’s two verrrry green ones! Don’t let the looks deceive you though: they are actually very tasty.

I love smoothies for breakfast because it makes me feel like I am ready to take on the day with all those extra vitamins. No matter what happens next! And we all know how much I love oatmeal 😉 This matcha version is great for waking up!

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Vegetable/herb cheese omelette & omelette struggles | budget-proof challenge


In my weakly meal planning I always leave the last day for dealing with vegetable leftovers. You can make them into delicious pasta dishes, this simple dinner oven dish or a great stir-fry dish… But today I’ll share with you a great way to turn them into an omelette with a twist.

I always have some eggs in my pantry as they are so versatile. Over the years I’ve levelled up my egg-game by turning them into great scrambled eggs, shakshuka in delicious tomato sauce, omelettes, oven baked eggs or cakes. (Wait, what? That’s not the same thing!) As I’m getting busy with school again I’ll be sure to share more of these dishes: simple and quick dinners are the best!

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Quick and healthy breakfast: oat/apple-cinnamon pancake with smoothie


I haven’t posted any breakfast recipes lately and I’m sorry about that: breakfast is usually my favourite! I decided to make it up to you by uploading a double recipe today. One for a really simple oat flour pancake (it didn’t take me longer than preparing a regular bowl of oatmeal!) and a delicious yet healthy veg-fruity smoothie.

We all have those days in which we simply have no clue what to eat for breakfast. For me it’s easy, I always toss some ingredients in a bowl of oatmeal and I’m good to go for a couple of hours, but if you’re more a sandwich kinda person I can imagine it gets boring quite soon. That’s why you should mix it up every once in a while: with a simple pancake for example!

This is still part of the budget proof month of course, so it is not only a quick, easy and healthy breakfast but an affordable one too.

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All day breakfast: pancakes


I don’t know about you guys but I’m a huge fan of breakfast. And hello, what’s better than pancakes! This time we actually ate these as dinner but who cares. All day breakfast is a thing, right?

Pancakes is one of the most versatile breakfast dishes I know. You can make plain pancakes, sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, sweet and savoury together… I’ll include our recipe down below together with some great variations.

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