‘Meet the bloggers’ dinner @ BioToday | Media Event

Read about my experiences at this super fun dinner organised by BioToday! We met with foodies and bloggers (all girls!) and enjoyed a delicious bio meal.

Read about my experiences at this super fun dinner organised by BioToday! We met with foodies and bloggers (all girls!) and enjoyed a delicious bio meal.

One of the things I love most about blogging: meeting new people. When Louise and I saw the invitation for the ‘Meet the bloggers’ dinner in our town Breda, we knew we had to sign up right away! We met many lovely girls and had dinner in the pop-up restaurant that’s only there until January. Read more about my experiences in this blog!

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Wine-pairing and delicious dinner at Bali James in Breda | Media event

Restaurant Bali James in Breda invited us to try their new wine - menu pairing and in this post I'll describe my experiences. | Stay Alive and Cooking

Last Monday I was invited to enjoy a delicious dinner at Indonesian restaurant Bali James in Breda together with around 20 other bloggers/foodies/people from the industry. This event was to raise awareness for the fact that Indonesian food can perfectly well be combined with wines, and to let us get to know the wines they have on their menu.

In this post I’ll write all about the experiences at my first media event: food – wines – connections – experience!

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Our anniversary dinner at restaurant “Publieke Werken” in Breda

A restaurant review of "Publieke Werken" in Breda and some personal stories about our 2.5 years as a couple. | Stay Alive and CookingIt’s time for another restaurant review and some personal stories! Because we were 2.5 years together as a couple, we went out for dinner in our city Breda. This time we chose “Publieke Werken”, which is some sort of restaurant/cafĂ© with an accessible but still special menu, and I will discuss the details in this post!

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Tapas at “De Markt” in Breda

I looove tapas. First of all I usually really love those typical Spanish dishes, but I mainly love the idea of shared dining. You get to eat so many different dishes! You don’t have to choose! (Foodie dreams) And you can discover and taste new things together.

So I was quite happy when the boyfriend agreed to eat tapas for his birthday dinner last week. Quuuite happy. We chose to go to The Markt in Breda: read about our experiences in this post!

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Cappuccinos at KoffieTenTje in Breda


Sundays… I love Sundays. We’re going to the movies in about half an hour (it’s still my boyfriends birthday weekend as I’m typing this!) and we’ve cleaned all of our little house today. But now that he’s gone for groceries, I have half an hour to dedicate to this blog post. With the sun shining on my computer. Did I mention that I love Sundays?

Last week I met up with my dear friend Natasha, who was back after her internship abroad. She has been one of my closest friends from the beginning of our education, even though we were divided in different classes after our first year. We didn’t see each other for so long, but everything still felt the same! This post will describe the cute coffee place we visited.

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Restaurant review: Denovo in Breda


So, I promised you I would discuss my birthday dinner at winebar Denovo in this post.A promise is a promise so here you go: a step by step review of what we liked and (perhaps) did not like!

Last Friday was my birthday, on which I basically spent the whole day cooking. When the boyfriend came home however, it was time to start celebrating! I chose Denovo, because it looked rather interesting (even though the menu on the website didn’t show that many items… Maybe a mistake?) and, to be honest, because it was within walking distance from our home. This restaurant can be found on the outer circle of Breda’s city centre.

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