Simple tomato frittata

A simple, quick and delicious recipe for a tomato frittata. A great way to use leftover veggies, and perfect for lunch or dinner! | Stay Alive and Cooking

I started this blog to show the average student like myself that cooking isn’t hard. I know that I’ve shared many fairly difficult recipes, so I’m here to make it up to you by sharing this recipe for one of the simplest yet extremely tasty recipes on this blog: a tomato frittata.

It’s nutritious, delicious, highly customizable and perfect for getting rid of those leftover vegetables. And the best of it all is that it’s done in no time, you can just shove it in the oven and do something else for a while!

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Pasta with broccoli and mushrooms in a creamy sauce | quick & easy


Pasta has got to be my favourite dish. I mean, pasta can be so many things, right?! It could be a lasagne, it could be macaroni with lovely red sauce and vegetables or it could be this version, for example. This dish contains many vegetables but also that delicious saltiness of fried minced meat. Trust me: you will love this!

This dish originated when the boyfriend and I made pasta with leftovers. We had some broccoli and mushrooms lying around and decided to mix this together with some cream cheese and pesto: yumm! Today I share with you an updated version, without the pesto but with some other touches instead. Only €1,40 per portion!

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My version of chilli con carne | affordable dish


It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another affordable dish! This dish is spicy, flavourful, comforting and in general just very very exciting. I mean, whoever invented the combination of tomatoes, beans and minced meat is a true genius! Pair with cooked rice and you have a great and hearty dish.

Always when the boyfriend would suggest cooking chilli or any Mexican dish in general I would wrinkle my nose in disgust. Now I seriously can’t remember why! I mean I love beans, I love minced meat and I love vegetables… I’m not into spicy food that much but hey, I’ve gotta learn. And this is a great dish to start.

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Grandma’s fried potatoes

Grandma's fried potatoes | Stay Alive and Cooking

Today I will show you my grandma’s way to cook fried potatoes. Don’t worry: simplicity is key here! You will love these rich and crunchy potatoes, that give such a wonderful feeling in your mouth. They are so good you won’t be able to put down your fork! I love these as side dish, and so will you. Trust me.

If there was one reason why younger me loved sleeping at grandma’s place, it was her amazing cooking skills. She didn’t make fancy dishes at all, one of her best is a simple grilled cheese, but it’s always so rich and tasty… One word: butter. Grandma uses a lot of butter. This is probably why these fried potatoes are so great! 

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Vegetable/herb cheese omelette & omelette struggles | budget-proof challenge


In my weakly meal planning I always leave the last day for dealing with vegetable leftovers. You can make them into delicious pasta dishes, this simple dinner oven dish or a great stir-fry dish… But today I’ll share with you a great way to turn them into an omelette with a twist.

I always have some eggs in my pantry as they are so versatile. Over the years I’ve levelled up my egg-game by turning them into great scrambled eggs, shakshuka in delicious tomato sauce, omelettes, oven baked eggs or cakes. (Wait, what? That’s not the same thing!) As I’m getting busy with school again I’ll be sure to share more of these dishes: simple and quick dinners are the best!

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Honey glazed carrots | budget-proof challenge


If you, like me, thought those fancy and decadent glazed carrots you saw in food photos or at restaurants were way too tricky for you to serve tonight: think again. It’s extremely easy and just as delicious as you thought they would be!

I love easy recipes. I mean, if you serve those to guests they assume you’ve spent the whole day in the kitchen, right? Well are they in for a surprise. They need only an hour in the oven, in which you can just relax or do the dishes. No rotating necessary!

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Pak choi and pork tenderloin noodle soup | budget-proof challenge

noodle soup

Noodle soups are the best. They are versatile, easy, comforting, nourishing and you can make them the day ahead already. The flavour can only improve! We Dutch people like to give our own spin to everything so I’m sorry if I’m not cooking noodles the traditional way: I love trying new things!

Today I’ll share with you a great noodle soup recipe that includes pak choi, spring onions, mushrooms and pork tenderloin. I love how comforting it is! And it has so many vegetables. But the best parts are the tasty pork tenderloin and the boiled egg. 

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