Cauliflower and potato purée with sausage | budget-proof challenge

cauliflower and potato mash

Us Dutchies are known for our purées and mashes. Typical Dutch dishes are vegetables with potatoes mashed together, served with sausage or a meatball. Today I share with you a variety that I didn’t know when I grew up, but that we found to be very very delicious: a cauliflower and potato purée!

As I mentioned before I’m more of a “freestyle cook”: I really can’t follow a recipe. This dish is the result of my imagination! I rarely cook with cauliflower but after creating my version of a Dutch “stamppotje” with it I think I’m in love. It’s so creamy and tasty and the nutmeg gives it such a nice touch… Definitely try the recipe down below!

As this is still part of my budget-proof month, this lovely cauliflower and potato mash will cost you only €1,20 per person.

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