Broccoli couscous with za’atar pork tenderloin

A delicious dinner dish: broccoli couscous with pork tenderloin marinated in za'atar herbs. Healthy and very tasty too! | Stay Alive and Cooking

This dish is something completely different! Raw broccoli is combined with couscous, lime zest and pecans to create a delicious dinner dish. Pork tenderloin is seasoned in za’atar and baked in the oven, and matches the couscous really well!

Usually, the kitchen is my domain. It needs to be tidy, clean and organized the way I prefer, and I decide what we eat during the week, too. Not because I’m some sort of control freak, don’t worry 😉 But because the boyfriend is usually gone all day for his internship. But sometimes, just sometimes I let him decide what we eat. He chooses a recipe and I cook it or adapt it and then cook it. That’s when we get recipes like this!

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Chicken Tagine


Hi there!
While learning how to cook, I like to experiment with different cuisines every now and then. It started with Italian food: I love a good pasta or lasagne! This Christmas I received a tagine as gift and I could not have been happier! I have been experimenting a bit, and decided to share my last creation with you.

Cooking with a tagine is actually really easy. You need some meat, vegetables combined with many herbs, and some liquid like bouillon. The shape of the tagine ensures all the flavours are combined and kept within the bowl. As a result, you have stew-like substance that is extremely tasty, and contains very juicy meat!
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