Cheesy nachos for dinner!


So you know how parents tell you all your life that chips are not for dinner? Well, they lied. There is a perfectly acceptable way to have chips for dinner that includes many vegetables and is still very tasty. It’s called nachos!

Of course, even though it has vegetables and stuff it’s not as healthy but it’s so tasty parents will have to look the other way for this dish 😉 Recipe at the bottom of the post, look for my new recipe layout!

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Homemade gnocchi (at least, I tried)


Homemade gnocchi. I had this perfect image in my head of these delicious little (potato) pasta pieces in a simple, but tasty sauce made with cooked cherry tomatoes, pesto, some sour cream, and rocket lettuce on top… When my boyfriend would come home he would find me there, cooking with the grace and technique of a real Italian woman (minus the looks, I still have quite some years to go!), serving him this made-from-scratch dish that was so good it was like we were back in Rome.

What I did not picture was him coming home, finding me with my hands literally tied together by “should it be this sticky?” dough, looking extremely desperate and covered in flour. My usual welcome home greeting at the door was replaced by faint calls for help from the kitchen. Not according to plan. Miracles happen though, because it ended up tasting quite great! Will explain more later in this post. 

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Beef stew: worth the wait

beef stew

Hi there! Today I decided to share with you a delicious meaty dish that is easy enough for a student to cook, makes a big portion for a relatively low amount of money and doesn’t take a lot of work; just waiting time. Also: I’ve implemented my new recipe template! Yay! Tell me what you think… 🙂

I remember when I was younger I would hear people talk about “pulled meats” in disgust. However, when I tried my moms variety of beef stew with loads of butter and this smooth meat I fell in love instantly. Because you need to be at home for around 4 hours at least, we didn’t eat it often enough in my opinion. Now that I live on my own I like to cook this beautiful beef stew when I’m spending a day inside studying or whatever. The smell that fills my house right now is mouthwatering!

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Mashed potatoes: a sidedish taken to the next level


When I was younger, we’d only eat mashed potatoes in a “hotchpot”, which is supposed to be a mash of vegetables and potatoes. If I ate at someone else’s house we’d often get mashed potatoes out of a package, which contains no love at all. Naturally I began seeing mashed potatoes as this boring side dish or component of a meal.

Until I started living on my own. I made mashed potatoes a little while ago, decided to give it some extra love and BAM! it was by far one of the best things I had ever tasted. It was creamy, flavourful, delicious and so comforting it was like a hug in a pan. The boyfriend kept on laughing because I was eating it straight out of the pan with an expression of pure love on my face….

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Mushroom quiche with eggplant, bacon and courgette

mushroom quiche

Hey all! New week, new recipe inspirations 😉 Today I share a great recipe for a mushroom quiche, which came from a little gambling and trying stuff out. And it worked!

I know from experience that quiches can be great for dinner or lunch if you get the balance right. All you need is some puff pastry (or dough), eggs, sour cream and vegetables. Easy, right?! I’ll be showing you my version along with some improvement points. For the recipe, scroll down!

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Quinoa salad with turkey as light dinner


Hi guys!

After all that cake and fries in my birthday weekend I decided it was time for something a little healthier for Monday’s dinner. A salad is always a good idea, and I found some tasty but rather healthy ingredients to go with it, creating a turkey-avocado-lettuce-feta quinoa salad!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s currently 4 degrees out here in Breda (the Netherlands) and I’m sitting outside, on my balcony, with a blanket and my laptop. The sun is shining so bright that it’s not cold at all! I absolutely love blogging this way, and I can’t wait for spring… Who’s with me!

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Noodles with broccoli and pork tenderloin


Hi again!

I’m so enthusiastic about this recipe I’m sharing today, I absolutely loved it… I don’t cook noodles often, but when deciding what I wanted to prepare I got this idea in my head and it turned out just as I wanted it to! Crispy broccoli, flavourful tenderloin and nice and salty mushrooms with noodles in a great sweet chilli sauce might just be my new favourite dish… Of the month at least 😉

A little while ago I walked to the Asian Toko here in Breda. I decided to go there more often: not only is their sweet chilli sauce delicious (instead of this sticky, waaay to sweet and not spicy at all version they sell in Dutch supermarkets), they also had many great ingredients such as frozen soy beans for a great price, soto for my next noodle soup, the matcha powder I had been looking for and so much more. Happy me!

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Interesting combination: chicken, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and pear



Last Sunday the boyfriend did the grocery shopping and he chose 3 recipes to try. (Of course I’ll be cooking them as he isn’t home until 7) This one sounds so weird but turned out to be really delicious! The salty chicken pairs really well with the pear, and I love mashed potatoes any way I eat them. We’re not a fan of brussel sprouts but this was okay. I would recommend you to try this!

First of all: in the original recipe they use store bought (sweet) potato mash. This is fine if you’re low on time but on any other occasion I really think it pays off to make it yourself! The fluffy texture of homemade mashed potatoes with loads of butter and milk, and then the great flavour of fresh chives, salt and pepper… Don’t try and tell me the store bought version can make you drool as much as a great fresh one!

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Oven baked beans, tomatoes, bacon and eggplant with freekeh as simple dinner


Good morning!

How are you today? I made a fresh smoothie (it was so good I might have to share the recipe…), went to the gym, took a shower, called my mom, did the laundry and now I’m ready to start blogging again! I kind of have to distract myself: this afternoon I will share the facebook page of this website with my friends so I’m rather nervous. By the way: I set my posts to upload at a certain time, so I’m already writing this post a day ahead 🙂

Today I share with you a rather simple dinner dish. I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to share, but as I was eating the leftovers for lunch I decided that I should not throw the recipe away. The oven baked vegetables are enough to eat by themselves, but I decided to add some freekeh to make it more of a meal. You can swap this out for couscous, rice or pasta.

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Salmon in puff pastry at my cousin Dagmars place


Good morning!

Today I share with you a very simple, but great tasting recipe: Salmon in puff pastry. Combine with some vegetables and you’ve got a very nutritious meal! (We learned this the hard way: we were sooo full…) It needs to bake in the oven for around 30 minutes so you do need some time, but you can start doing the dishes or call your mom in the meantime 😉

Last Sunday I went to Amsterdam to visit my cousin Dagmar. Finally we could catch up again! We talked for hours and decided to cook something we’d never cooked before, how adventurous… It turned out to be not that special, but still good: the salmon was nice and soft but not gooey, the puff pastry was crisp and the herb cheese gave everything a nice flavour. I would recommend trying this one!

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