Green bean and tomato quiche

The perfect quiche for a warm spring evening, with green beans and tomato. Top with some smoked meat: delicious! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Woohoo! It’s sort of Spring! I decided to celebrate by making a lighter and thinner green bean and tomato quiche. It’s easypeasy and delicious.. What’s not to love?

Sometimes I just sort of invent recipes out of the blue. Love it when that happens! This recipe “happened” because they were out of asparagus in the store. Hey if it brings inspiration, who cares? Asparagus season has not officially started in the Netherlands yet so I’ve still got time for my original recipe. Get excited!

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Mushroom quiche with eggplant, bacon and courgette

mushroom quiche

Hey all! New week, new recipe inspirations 😉 Today I share a great recipe for a mushroom quiche, which came from a little gambling and trying stuff out. And it worked!

I know from experience that quiches can be great for dinner or lunch if you get the balance right. All you need is some puff pastry (or dough), eggs, sour cream and vegetables. Easy, right?! I’ll be showing you my version along with some improvement points. For the recipe, scroll down!

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