Restaurant review: Denovo in Breda


So, I promised you I would discuss my birthday dinner at winebar Denovo in this post.A promise is a promise so here you go: a step by step review of what we liked and (perhaps) did not like!

Last Friday was my birthday, on which I basically spent the whole day cooking. When the boyfriend came home however, it was time to start celebrating! I chose Denovo, because it looked rather interesting (even though the menu on the website didn’t show that many items… Maybe a mistake?) and, to be honest, because it was within walking distance from our home. This restaurant can be found on the outer circle of Breda’s city centre.

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A visit to the Seal Sanctuary and lunch at “Zoet of Zout”


Good day to you!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I know I did 🙂 To be honest: I spent waaaay to much time working on my new website. Especially on Saturday I felt my eyes turning into squares! But I was so keen to get it right that I wanted to work on it until it was. Hopefully you’re able to look at this post on a beautiful website now! Let me know in the comments what you think, or send me a message if you have any suggestions.

To summarize: on Saturday my mom and I went to the Seal Sanctuary close to our home. It opened recently, and we were curious to see it. After that we went for lunch at “Zoet of Zout”, which is a newly opened restaurant right next to the sanctuary. I will write about my experiences later in this post! In the afternoon I went for a coffee with two of my dear friends. We had so much to discuss, as always 😉 On Sunday I visited my cousin Dagmar in Amsterdam, but I will describe that in a different post. First: The sanctuary and lunch!

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Tame Impala concert and dinner at First in Heineken Music Hall

Good day all!
Today I share with you another experience. I’ll be back to posting recipes soon, I promise! But I really enjoy writing so I’m just going to bother you with these stories first 😉 It was a great day, so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about it, too. I’ve got my fluffy socks on, a cup of tea close, it’s bad weather outside so I’ve got nowhere to be… Good to go!
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Kitty Cafe “Kopjes” in Amsterdam


Hey all!
Today I share a post a little different than the others. Last Friday two friends and I visited a café where you can drink a nice cup of coffee, eat a slice of cake and cuddle with cats. What? That’s right! We went to the first and only “Kitty café” in the Netherlands! If you’d like to know our experiences, continue reading.

In Amsterdam West there’s this cute little cafe hidden in one of the smaller streets. If you didn’t know it was there you’d probably walk right past it! You have to make a reservation in advance, and then you get to spend around 2 hours in the cafe for 3 euros. The coffees are a little bit expensive but overall it is well priced: it is only logical to pay a little extra for the experience you get in return.
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