Chai poached pears

Chai poached pears are a delicious variety to the regular poached pears. They are comforting, sweet, and simply delicious!

Chai poached pears are a delicious variety to the regular poached pears. They are comforting, sweet, and simply delicious!

I don’t know about you guys , but when it’s winter or fall the first thing I start craving are my moms poached pears. The perfect uplifting, sweet and tasty side dish! I decided to try and make some myself, but with my own twist: Chai spices.

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Polenta fries

There are so many more side dishes than rice, potato or pasta! Try these simple, crunchy and delicious polenta fries for example. | Stay Alive and Cooking If I could tell my younger (student) self something, I would say that there are more possibilities for side dishes than just potatoes, macaroni and rice. Really, I think I ate one out of those three neeaaarly every day…. And now that I’m older, and still a student, I’m very happy I found so many more variations. Today, I’ll show you my first attempt at cooking polenta fries!

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Green beans and onion with balsamic glaze

Roasted onions and green beans with balsamic glaze | Stay Alive and Cooking

I’ve found a new love for roasted vegetables and this is definitely a great recipe! And so easy, too: just clean the green beans, cut the onion and garlic, toss this in an oven dish with the balsamic vinegar and some olive oil and then into the oven for 25 minutes: done!

Green beans are a vegetable I don’t nearly eat enough. That is definitely going to change now, as I got so much inspiration from cooking this dish… Did you see my green bean and tomato quiche yet?

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Grandma’s fried potatoes

Grandma's fried potatoes | Stay Alive and Cooking

Today I will show you my grandma’s way to cook fried potatoes. Don’t worry: simplicity is key here! You will love these rich and crunchy potatoes, that give such a wonderful feeling in your mouth. They are so good you won’t be able to put down your fork! I love these as side dish, and so will you. Trust me.

If there was one reason why younger me loved sleeping at grandma’s place, it was her amazing cooking skills. She didn’t make fancy dishes at all, one of her best is a simple grilled cheese, but it’s always so rich and tasty… One word: butter. Grandma uses a lot of butter. This is probably why these fried potatoes are so great! 

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Honey glazed carrots | budget-proof challenge


If you, like me, thought those fancy and decadent glazed carrots you saw in food photos or at restaurants were way too tricky for you to serve tonight: think again. It’s extremely easy and just as delicious as you thought they would be!

I love easy recipes. I mean, if you serve those to guests they assume you’ve spent the whole day in the kitchen, right? Well are they in for a surprise. They need only an hour in the oven, in which you can just relax or do the dishes. No rotating necessary!

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Puff pastry breadsticks | budget-proof challenge


I love a good soup. There are so many options, I like to prepare a different soup every week! However, sometimes it’s not enough as a dinner so you’ll have to add something like a piece of bread or… breadsticks!

I’ve got this great and simple recipe that I prepared in a few minutes with some puff pastry, cheese and sesame seeds. We ate these together with the vegetable soup recipe I posted yesterday. How easy is that?!

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