Red wine beef stew with leek and potato mash

This delicious tender beef in flavourful red wine sauce goes together so well with the leek and potato mash. A perfect autumn dish! | Stay Alive and Cooking


If there’s one thing I miss in summer, it’s those rich stews with beef so tender it just melts in your mouth. Luckily it is now officially autumn: my house will be filled with the scent of dishes simmering for hours until they are full of flavour! Today I share with you this beef stew made with red wine. It may sound quite decadent, but it’s actually really easy.

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My version of chilli con carne | affordable dish


It’s Monday so that means it’s time for another affordable dish! This dish is spicy, flavourful, comforting and in general just very very exciting. I mean, whoever invented the combination of tomatoes, beans and minced meat is a true genius! Pair with cooked rice and you have a great and hearty dish.

Always when the boyfriend would suggest cooking chilli or any Mexican dish in general I would wrinkle my nose in disgust. Now I seriously can’t remember why! I mean I love beans, I love minced meat and I love vegetables… I’m not into spicy food that much but hey, I’ve gotta learn. And this is a great dish to start.

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Eggs poached in tomato stew | budget-proof challenge


Okay, so today I tried this recipe that is originally called “shakshuka”, but because I sort of adapted the recipe I decided to call it a tomato stew. Basically what you do is you make this great soup like stew with tomatoes and bell pepper, add a bunch of herbs and then you crack some eggs and cook them in the sauce. Trust me: it’s a recipe for success!

I get my inspiration from so many things. I check Instagram and Bloglovin’ multiple times a day: I keep my eyes open when I’m outside and I try to mesmerize restaurants menus for god knows I might want to recreate one of the dishes one day. When I decided what to cook this week, I had this image in my head of a dish with tomatoes and eggs in the pan… I literally googled “tomato stew eggs” and was able to find what I was looking for.

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Beef stew: worth the wait

beef stew

Hi there! Today I decided to share with you a delicious meaty dish that is easy enough for a student to cook, makes a big portion for a relatively low amount of money and doesn’t take a lot of work; just waiting time. Also: I’ve implemented my new recipe template! Yay! Tell me what you think… 🙂

I remember when I was younger I would hear people talk about “pulled meats” in disgust. However, when I tried my moms variety of beef stew with loads of butter and this smooth meat I fell in love instantly. Because you need to be at home for around 4 hours at least, we didn’t eat it often enough in my opinion. Now that I live on my own I like to cook this beautiful beef stew when I’m spending a day inside studying or whatever. The smell that fills my house right now is mouthwatering!

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