Sweet Potato Bread | Louise’s Lunches

If you are also tired of the basic sandwich for lunch, this yummy Sweet Potato Bread is an amazing filling, healthy and delicious alternative.

Sweet potato bread: a delicious alternative to the regular sandwich for lunch. Easy to make, and can be stored in the freezer for convenience!

It’s 2017, a new year, but the sweet potato trend is still there. I personally love everything about it, the taste is amazing, the variety of the structure is so big and it is always colourful. That is why I wanted to try to bake with sweet potato, instead of mashing, grilling or cooking. However, this girl prefers salty things, so with some creation this Filling Yummy Sweet Potato Bread was born. 

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Sweet potato toast 2 ways | Louises Lunches

How about a new healthy, colorful lunch recipe to impress? | Sweet potato toast is healthy, delicious and done in minutes! Today I share two varieties. 

How about a new healthy, colorful lunch recipe to impress? | Sweet potato toast is healthy, delicious and done in minutes! Today I share two varieties.

Have you already tried this super easy delicious new trend? The Sweet potato toast is a great alternative for normal sandwiches, very healthy and even gluten free! The amazing thing about it is the variety, you can literally go crazy with the toppings. Additionally, the orange colour makes it so attractive-looking, which is something I really love about this recipe. And, last but not least, it can also be served as breakfast or even a nice dinner to share, doesn’t this just sound amazing?

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Dinner for one: tilapia fillet, fresh salad and hasselback sweet potato for 3


Hey there,
I’m all alone this evening so I decided to start writing about my dinner already. For the past few weeks I’ve never been alone in my apartment: I’m living together with my boyfriend now! So I can’t really get used to being by myself again. I played “El Camino”, a great album by the Black Keys, quite loud (sorry neighbours!) but it’s still a bit quiet at the dinner table, haha!

So what did I eat. A bit of a leftover meal, to be honest: hasselback sweet potato, rocket lettuce salad and tilapia fillet. I’m so full.. Seriously, that sweet potato could’ve fed two more people! Also, the sweet potato was a bit overcooked and burned on the edges. I will write down what I did below, but please make sure it’s adjusted to your oven so you won’t make the same mistake I did! I’ll add a picture at the bottom of this post. First, the recipe…

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