Coffee Vlog #5: Spring!

Sprouting plants, sunny weather, longer days and flowers everywhere: it’s SPRING! I’m super excited, and today I share a little video about it.

Spring vlog!


Hey all! Thanks for being on my blog today, I really appreciate it! I’ve been a bit busy lately, with scheduling blog posts: I had gotten a little bit behind, but I’ve managed to do a great deal of catching up! Also, as you may have seen on my site or my YouTube channel… I started uploading ‘Plan with me’ videos, so exciting! I never thought they’d get any views as I’m completely new to bullet journaling, but my latest one already has over 500 views?! Most of my videos only get around 15!

However, as I was so busy writing blogs and making + editing those plan with me videos, I’ve gotten a bit behind on my other videos and coffee vlogs. That’s why, in this video, I still talk about Easter coming up soon… 😉 I plan to catch up with those videos in the upcoming days and make another bullet journal video, so don’t forget to come by my channel and check!

Spring vlog


For now, here’s my Spring vlog… I hope you enjoy it, and many more different videos are on their way.

See you soon,
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Spring video:


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