Coffee Vlog #4: therapy & the ABC about me challenge

Time for another coffee vlog! Today I talk a bit about my new anxiety therapy and I attempt another challenge: the ABC about me.

My latest coffee vlog, about anxiety therapy and a new challenge.

Coffee Vlogs

So far I’ve been having a lot of fun with those coffee vlogs, how about you? I thoroughly hope you enjoy them, so if you have any tips or tricks… Shoot! Since I only started ‘vlogging’ a little while ago, I don’t have that many viewers yet but that’s totally okay. To be real honest, I don’t think you can build up a channel if you’re only doing it for the amount of views!

Editing can be a pain in the ass, so if I wasn’t enthusiastic about the process itself I don’t think I’d keep it up. Sure, views are important in the long run… With only 5 views per video I think I’d get fed up at a certain point, but that’s not there yet. The reason why I still like this vlogging thing is, partially, because I learn a lot from it. Editing hours of footage with just me talking gives me a better idea of how I come across: which can be a bit weird! My voice sounds super different on camera, which I had to get used to at first.

Also, the feedback I’ve been getting so far has really done a lot for me. Especially with the video ‘About Anxiety’. Many people have contacted me saying that they think it’s really good that I explained my situation, and that they now have more insight into what anxiety is and what it does to a person. This made me so happy! It motivated me to be even more open about it, as I know I’m not the only one who’s struggling with anxiety.

My latest coffee vlog, about anxiety therapy and a new challenge.

ABC about me

So, I don’t think ‘ABC about me’ is really a challenge. Yet. I made it up. You see, my cousin Dagmar gave me these 40 envelopes, and one of them said ‘Come up with a word for every letter of the alphabet’. It didn’t include what the words were supposed to be about (food? animals? countries?) so I figured I’d think of a word that would suit me in a way.

Now that I’ve mad this ABC about me a thing, why not join me? I challenge aaaall of you (with or without a YouTube channel – you can of course do this on your blog as well!) to make your own version of ABC about me.

I’ll get to the video now, don’t forget to do the usuals… Like & subscribe! Hope to see you again soon, baaaiii  xxx

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