A day in the life…. No words challenge | video

The no words challenge. One of the hardest challenges on YouTube! Tell a story with pictures only… Today I show you what my day looks like.


Sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration for a new video. Of course, my goal is to share as much as possible of my personal life… But that’s not always interesting! So, next to the recipe videos, I try to find interesting challenges to film.

A little while ago, my cousin Dagmar from My weird blogs stayed over for the weekend, and we filmed quite a lot! One thing we did was go to the Asian store and buy snacks… And then we tried them. On camera. Let’s just say that us Dutchies aren’t used to a whole lot 😉 You can find that video here.

When my cousin stayed over, she gave me a stack with 40 envelopes. All forty of the envelopes contain…. A challenge! Or at least, that’s what I know. I’m not allowed to open them before I actually plan to use them 😉

No words challenge

The first envelope I opened was quite a hard one, of course. The no words challenge. We are supposed to tell a story, without words! After some thinking I decided that I’d show you my favourite day.

My favourite day (I’ve mentioned this before!) is Tuesday. For some reason, the sun is always shining, too! The other reasons why Tuesday is my favourite day can be found in the video. Don’t want to spoil too much 🙂


Okay okay, it’s time for the actual video! Hope you enjoy it, and I hope to see you again soon! X Viv

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