Tapas at “De Markt” in Breda

I looove tapas. First of all I usually really love those typical Spanish dishes, but I mainly love the idea of shared dining. You get to eat so many different dishes! You don’t have to choose! (Foodie dreams) And you can discover and taste new things together.

So I was quite happy when the boyfriend agreed to eat tapas for his birthday dinner last week. Quuuite happy. We chose to go to The Markt in Breda: read about our experiences in this post!

First of all, I’m really sorry for the photos. The dishes looked simple and nice, but it was so dark inside I couldn’t take proper pictures! You’re just going to have to imagine the tapas we ate.

The first photo is from the Facebook page of De Markt in Breda.

First impression

The restaurant is rather small, but there were many people sitting outside despite the cold. Quite a popular place! There was a huge bar and I think it’s mainly popular for having a beer and some bites. We were welcomed by the staff, who all seemed very nice! Big plus.

We could see into the kitchen which I always love, but this one was so tiny! I wondered if that would have an impact on our waiting times. We were seated at these high tables with bar stools, perfect for having a quick bite but for dining multiple hours it wasn’t that comfortable. We could have asked to be moved to another table, but it was so busy we decided not to bother.

They also had a great selection of speciality beers, which change every now and then. I ordered the “Bliksem Pale Rider” which I reaaaally loved! And normally I’m not even the biggest fan of beer…. This one I would order again, any time.



Like I mentioned before, staff was very friendly. I think there were two girls whose service really stood out: they granted us personal service with a huge smile and in an informal way. Loved it! One of them was making jokes with us and we just felt very welcome. The guys were nice as well, just a bit more formal and no small talk.

We asked a couple of questions during the night, about the beer and about the concept for example, and the girls answered these in a very friendly way. That’s important to me as well: even though they might have to answer these questions all the time, they were still very nice and clear about it.

When I went to pay one of the girls complimented me on my outfit (smart move!) and we had some small talk. I was telling her about the people on the table next to us, who were fighting half of the time (Or maybe the guy just had a very aggressive way of speaking…?) and she was very compassionate. We made some jokes about it, I left a small tip and went back to our table.

However, the girl came to our table a short while after. She said that I had given too much money… Oops! I gave one paper bill too much! And I had said “it’s okay like this” because I added the small tip. It was so honest of her to notify me of my mistake, she could have just pretended it was part of the tip. Big plus for honesty here.

Carpaccio in a glass

The food

They had a selection of tapas dishes we could choose from. Some vegetarian, some fish, meat and breads. The list wasn’t too long but for a small restaurant like that one it’s not possible to have many more options or they would have to freeze everything and that would not be beneficial for the quality.

However, we chose many nice dishes. It’s just that we are used to these bigger companies that own multiple restaurants in a chain, who always have way more options. This restaurant decided to focus on quality instead of quantity, which I respect!

Some dishes were okay, some were lovely. My favourite must have been goats cheese with bacon… Yumm! We also really loved the mozzarella they served with tomato slices: it was of very good quality in comparison to what you normally get. We even ordered this dish twice. I had some of everything: shrimp, sliders, melon, carpaccio, cheese, vegetables and so much more. They ran out of mushrooms but that was the only one missing in our opinion.


Some improvement points but mainly positive: we really enjoyed our night! Lovely food, great staff, nice atmosphere.. What more do you need?

First impression: 7/10
Staff: 9/10
Food: 7/10

Which brings the Markt in Breda to a 7,67 out of 10!

Hope you enjoyed this review guys, I’ll see you tomorrow with a recipe again πŸ™‚

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