Favourite Spring Blogs

Are you ready for Spring? I know I am! Today I share with you some of my favourite blogs with all sorts of tips to get that Spring feeling.

My favourite Spring blogs.

I started making a list of my favourite Spring blogs AND recipes, but I had soooo many…. I decided to split the blog in two! Here’s my list of favourite spring blogs. Remember: hover over the title of the post I mention and click to go to the website! All pictures belong to the blogs I mention, I only redirect you to their pages.

Last year I posted a blog with so many tips and tricks for…. Spring Cleaning! You can find this post here.

Food & related

First of all I’d like to start with something I find pretty important: eating what’s in season. I found this super easy guide by blendtec, and I think you’ll all benefit from it too!

I think the people who know me will laugh at the idea of me getting up extra early to bake fresh bread, but with Spring and Summer around the corner I really feel like it’s something I want to learn! Can’t really explain it but freshly baked bread just makes me think of eating outside in the early morning sun… Am I the only one? Anyway, I’m a total beginner at baking bread so I’m going to guide you to Baking You Better with this super thorough guide on how to bake sour dough bread. Includes super pretty pictures and a starter!

Food52 has so many good guides on cooking and anything else, so I couldn’t not include one of their posts in this round-up! 8 edible flowers to brighten your garden & dinners – yes please!


Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been obsessed with flowers and plants. However, they all die when I touch them! Ha, I kid. Maybe. But this guide on the top 10 plants & bulbs for planting in spring by Top Inspired is something I could definitely use!

With this nice weather I like to open the window in our bedroom more often, because it always feels a bit… dusty in there. When I read this blog about the 10 best plants to purify and lower stress, I decided a plant in the bedroom was what we needed! Blog post by Garden Lovin.

Creativity: I have it in the kitchen but not really in any other part of my life. That’s why posts like this ‘20 DIY Easter centrepieces‘ is perfect for me! Don’t worry: you can use them during the entire spring. Round-up by Brit.co.

Printables Spring

Oh, how I love printables! These pretty pictures are definitely going on my background from now on. Love them! Find more in this post by Landeeseelandeedo.

There are so many things that can be done in Spring, which is why Amy from Learning and Exploring through Play created this Spring bucket list fir kids & families. Doesn’t that look fun?

That’s it for today guys, hope you enjoyed this spring round-up of blogs! Don’t forget to check out the food version here.
See you soon! – Viv

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