First impressions of Lisbon

IMG_2328If there’s one thing I like more than enjoying the sun, eating loads of food, having multiple glasses of wine (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!) and in general having a good time, it’s doing all those things in a new city.  This blog will tell you a bit about the city of Lisbon and my first impressions! 

I’ve decided to do a “Lisbon” series on my blog, because I thoroughly enjoy reporting on our adventures. The first blog I had was to keep the people at home up to date with my adventures abroad! 


I love… being at home 

You know those people who are desperate to get as far away from home as possible? Well, I am not one of them 😉  I really enjoy vacations outside of the Netherlands, but I’m always happy to be at home, too. Nowadays it seems like there’s a lot of peer pressure (social media) to declare yourself a ‘traveler’, but I’m perfectly happy admitting that I am fine with the idea of living in the same country for the rest of my life (or at least the upcoming years)!

Of course, I’ve had my experience when I lived in Sydney for half a year. Weird as it may sound this did not make me want to migrate, if anything it made me appreciate home even more! Always having friends, family and loved ones close is what I need in life. 

This does not mean that I don’t enjoy visiting other countries 😉 



So, we arrived at Lisbon on Sunday eve. We took a bus to the city centre and the first word that came to mind was… Concrete. I saw so many buildings with great potential if only they had a little colour! Luckily now that we’ve explored some of the inner city I can say that it actually has quite a charm. 


Location, location 

This is the third vacation I’m on with the boyfriend, and we always seem to be so lucky when it comes to apartments. The one we’re in has a great location, everything we need (even a small kitchen) and is very clean and new. To give you an idea: we’re one street away from one of the main shopping streets. So we’re really close to many great (and authentic) restaurants, wine bars and touristic highlights. 

Oh, and what’s also really cool is that we have four of those balcony/windows, which open on two sides of the apartment. So we always can choose for shadow or sun, and we can even sit outside. There’s a wine bar beneath our apartment, so there’s a lot of people-gazing possible too 😉 


First restaurant 

After we dropped our luggage in the apartment and had a quick change of clothes we went to walk around in hopes of finding the perfect place to eat. My caring boyfriend took a lot of my anxiety away by marking many great places on the map beforehand: this gives me some peace of mind as we can always rely on it. We were quite hungry and I get rather fussy when I run out of food in my stomach (haha), so we decided on one of the restaurants from the map. 

And boy, did we make the right decision! When you walk past it on the street you’d never ever go in: only empty tables, it looks a bit weird (there were tables with sewing machines on them…??) and in general not very inviting. When you walk through the restaurant however, you arrive at some sort of inner plaza. Many tables, all of them full! 


So, the most important part for me: the food. (Ambiance was great, let’s skip that!) We ordered a large jug of white-wine & pineapple/mint sangria, which I started drinking a liiiiittle too enthusiastically. Let’s say it was a bit stronger than I thought 😉 We had some bread with dips, blabla, and then shared two meat dishes: braised pork cheek in red wine sauce and a steak with vegetable and banana fries. 

The bf read online (preparation, preparation!) that the chocolate tart was really good, so of course we had to try that too. And yes, it was as good as it sounds. Very satisfied (and full). 


Don’t always focus on first impressions 

After our bus ride here I was actually a bit disappointed because I wasn’t in love right away, but after walking around on our first official day I can say that I’ve changed my mind. Partially because of the pretty sights we’ve seen, maybe even more because of the amazing and authentic restaurants we’ve found… And also because we’re having a great deal of fun together. 

I’d like to point out that we were a bit spoiled last year. Our first holiday together was in Valencia, and it was so wonderful!



Mmmmkay, Monday in a few sentences: we had breakfast in this cute bakery (Bread 4 you), purchased some extra fresh breads there and got the essentials in the supermarket. Then we decided to walk around until we had a long break in one of the parks. We’ve brought this large blanket and read our books in the shadow of a large tree. We’ve sat down for something to drink twice today, of which once in this amazing hipster-approved bar with garden…. I’ve gotta say that Lisbon has soooo many nice places to eat or drink!


And now I’m typing this while relaxing on the bed (no airco unfortunately, just a large fan). We’re going out for dinner soon, and I think this blog post about Lisbon is already way too long! Hope you enjoyed it anyway, see you soon! 

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Sidenote: I typed all this on Monday & Tuesday but I’ve had some trouble uploading the pictures, which is why it took a little longer 🙂 


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