Food-Photo Diary January 2017

January 2017 flew by! This post will take you through the highlights of my month, and includes a (food) photo diary. Photos taken in Rotterdam and Breda.

Are you ready?!


So, I’ll start with some talk first. How has your first month of January been? Any exciting news? In case you haven’t seen it on Instagram stories already: I DO have some exciting news! In this month alone, seven of my photos got accepted to In comparison to only two in 2016! This made foodgawker my number 1 source for visitors. Cool, eh?

But that’s not all. As you may have noticed, I’ve paid more attention to Pinterest also. This really paid off, as I was able to increase my number of visitors coming from Pinterest.

Then, finally, I had some of my recipes featured on the Daily Meal and even! I wasn’t even aware MSN still existed, but was happy to see many people clicked the link to my site. Seeing my site grow makes me so proud!

Most popular in January


Apple pear cake (Honey instead of sugar!)

Two recipes in one! Roasted ricotta and pesto make a great dip, and you can use the leftovers the next day in a delicious dinner with spinach and spaghetti.

Roasted ricotta and pesto dip + pasta sauce

Poké bowl with salmon

Most popular pin:

How about a new healthy, colorful lunch recipe to impress? | Sweet potato toast is healthy, delicious and done in minutes! Today I share two varieties.

Sweet Potato Toast 2 Ways

Photo Diary

I think it’s time for my photo diary now 🙂

Dutch coffee, or cold drip coffee, is made by slowly dripping ice cold water over freshly ground coffee. Today I review products by Batavia Dutch Coffee.

First of all, let me discuss what came in the mail this month. I received this super cool PR package from Batavia Dutch Coffee, and uploaded a blog about it two days ago (don’t forget to check it for a special discount code!). Also, I plan to create some recipes with this cold drip coffee. Maybe for next month’s photo diary!

PuiCk Breda is a cute place for coffee or lunch. Today I share my experiences including many photos of the food and interior.

Yes, we went out for lunch in Breda again! What’s a photo diary without going out for food… It really is such a friendly city, with so many places to grab a coffee or some food! You can read my experiences at PuiCk Breda in this blog post.

More food in the mail: this time we ordered some Muesli Mixers from MyMuesli. My custom made muesli was a bit disappointing (not as sweet, crunchy or varied as I’d hoped!) but the bf has a pretty nice one.

Ah, yes. Tuesday is my favourite day of the week: I get to stroll around the farmers market! I don’t know why, but it makes me incredibly happy to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables from such a huge variety. And look at those huge sweet potatoes!

Errrr, awkward picture of me with a glass of wine. We went to Rotterdam for a night in the town, where we enjoyed food, good music (José Gonzalez and the Goteborg string theory!) and a peaceful night in a super comfy bed at CitizenM. No kitty to wake us up!

Didn’t bring my camera to the dinner we had, so I only have ugly phone pictures. However, I couldn’t NOT share this with you as it was possibly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had: an oreo-whisky chocolate brick! Soooo rich, but so good. We shared one, and I was still so full! 

Talking about kitties…. This is what our lazy Sundays look like.

And this is our Sunday brunch 😉 I plan on uploading a blog about this cool place sometime soon.

Hope to see you again next month, and stay posted for new recipes! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Food-Photo Diary January 2017

    1. Ohhh yes – I keep looking at the “rejected” list 🙁 Why foodgawker! But it makes me so proud when they accept one of my pictures, it really shows I’m learning. Thaaaank you my dear! Your comments always cheer me up 😉

  1. Congrats, way to go on such a great month! Everything here looks delicious and I have no doubt every month will keep growing 🙂

  2. I’ll never forget when my first photo was accepted by Foodgawker — I thought I’d hit the jackpot! It’s a huge deal when you’re working on your photography…it’s validation right? Congrats on all of the successes in January and keep up the great work!

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