Food-Photo Diary April 2017

Another month…. Gone! Are you ready for the monthly overview in pictures and stories?

Photo diary April 2017

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Sooo…. What has been going on in your lives? I know I enjoyed the nice weather as much as I could, as it’s currently freezing cold again!

Remember the food photo challenge I spoke about earlier? It was so much fun! So cool to see people actually participating, even though I made the subject pretty hard. However, I had to stop a bit early as my Instagram got shadowbanned! More about this in a post on Thursday.

Instagrams shadowban: has it hit you yet? Find out how, what and why in this post!

Therapy update: I’ve finished my ‘interviews’ or ‘tests’ at the other facility, where the goal was to better understand my anxiety and why it keeps going in circles. I’ve learned a whole lot, and I can’t wait to continue to learn more! Also, I’m going to focus my current therapy on becoming more ready for future life again. For my next therapy (group) I probably have to have a job, which scares the crap out of me… To the point of sleepless nights. Hopefully I can work on that in therapy, too.

Then, I’ve started uploading different videos to YouTube! While I started my channel to mainly share recipe videos, I’ve now decided to stop holding back and simply upload anything I want. This includes more coffee vlogs, and even some creative videos! You see, I have started with a bullet journal… Which I absolutely love. More about that a little later! My first ‘plan with me’ video:

Best of the best

My most popular….


Okay, so by far the most read blog is this one even though I only uploaded it last Thursday!

How I use Pinterest for blog promotion (+ free scheduling options and posting times!)

Mocha pancakes

Mocha pancakes

Blood orange cake


Pear and goats cheese bites

Sweet potato toast two ways

Best ever no bake cheesecake


Photo diary

Time for the good stuff!

Food-photo diary April 2017

YES! The first few days of beautiful, sunny weather as I’ve been telling you in almost all my blog posts had me in such a good mood. We even had our first lunch outside, in a cute place called “Tante Betsie” which translates to “Aunty Betsy”. Look at that cute crockery!

Kitty loves her new scratching box!

Kitty got some new goodies… She LOVES her scratch box!

Food photo diary

For any of you wondering: this is how I take photos of the produce I buy at the farmers market every week 😉

food photo diary april 2017

One week later, we found ourselves having lunch again. This time at Bagels & Beans: one of our favourite places to go, and they recently opened a second lunchroom in our beloved Breda.

cat balcony garden

Another kitty shot, but with a different purpose: we went garden shopping! We don’t have an actual garden, but we decided to turn our balcony into one. Can’t wait to show you, once everything is in full bloom!


My aunt & now uncle gave a wedding party! We had so much fun, we danced all night. Also, one of my cousins spent some time in French Guyana, and she came back the day before the party! So good to be reunited again.

Since I had to be home for the party anyway, I decided to stay a weekend at my parents’ place. Kitty and I travelled home with my dad (she’s used to it) and we stayed all weekend! It was good to be back home for a bit, or as I call it… Hotel mama 😉 We had a simple but delicious Easter breakfast and then we made mini pizzas for dinner that night. We have one of those pizza oven thingies that you can place on the table for dinner, and we all ate too much!

When you win 60 bars of chocolate...

Yes, I told you about it before: I won sixty bars of chocolate. (Actually 72, but for some reason they only sent 60! Not that that’s not a lot ;)) Expect a lot of chocolate recipes!

My bullet journal

My new best friend: my bullet journal. I have a separate Instagram account to share my creative photos, and of course you can find the videos on my YouTube channel. 

Anyway, that’s it for now… Hope to see you again soon! – Viv

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