Food-Photo Diary February 2017

It’s time for another photo diary: February 2017! How has this month been, what did I (food!) shop and what have I been up to.

Food photo diary of February 2017! Stay Alive and Cooking


Hello hello, welcome to another food-photo diary! How are all of you today? Another month flew by, and I’m going to tell you the ins & outs with photo updates!

More photos accepted @ foodgawker, and some of my recipes have become popular on Pinterest…. SO COOL! I’m finally getting some confidence in my blogging, and can’t wait to show more of what I’ve got!

Oh, and I started my first shared Pinterest board! It’s called ‘Favourite Blog Recipes’, which you can find here: Please fill out this google doc if you’d like to join 🙂 

Personal updates, too… Our kitty was ‘in heat’, which means that she was going crazy! And it means that she was constantly searching for a baby daddy. Luckily, she couldn’t leave the house… I’m not ready to become a kitty grandma yet 😉

Cinnamon rolls are the best possible brunch there is! Warm, comforting, sweet, moist, crunchy and simply delicious. And so easy to make at home!

[Homemade cinnamon rolls: recipe came online two days ago!]

Also, I’m still in a waiting position for the next steps in my ‘anxiety’ story. I am sort of accepted for a two-days a week group and individual therapy, but they want to run more tests first. So I’m basically waiting, waiting and waiting. However, I’m not even bored: I spend a lot of time blogging, cooking and doing other things in and around the house.

Anyway, let’s start with those overviews shall we? I’ll list some popular recipes first, and then I’ll show you my food photo diary.

Most popular in February


By far the most popular: the fruit & vegetable bowl smoothie packs. Find more info by scrolling a little bit down, it’s also one of the most popular pins!

My latest coffee vlog: about my birthday, my first book (?!) and waiting for good news! A quick life update from me at YouTube!

Second most popular: Coffee Vlog #2: birthday, my first book and waiting! This makes me super happy, as I’m really trying to expand my YouTube reach. Are you following me yet?! Do so by going to this link: YouTube channel Stay Alive and Cooking.

Third most popular: White chocolate cheesecake desserts. Honestly, I’m not surprised. They are so delicious!


Click the photo for the pin, and the title for the recipe!

These espresso caramels are perfect for people with a sweet tooth and caffeine addiction! A recipe for homemade candies, which can be used in baking.
Espresso Caramels

My latest obsession: dinner bowls. Today I share a delicious recipe for rice noodles with marinated chicken, vegetables and parsley omelette rolls.
Rice noodles with ginger marinated chicken

Kickstart your day with this healthy fruit & vegetable smoothie bowl! Place the packs in the freezer and take out at your convenience.

Smoothie bowl freezer packs

Photo Diary

I discovered vegetable oats! This variety is with zucchini and carrot, and I hope to perfect the recipe so I can share it with you. At first I thought it would be horrible, but it’s actually really good!

Shop log! I discovered thrift shopping, and scored these pretty items for my photo collection. Little did I know that only days after that, the boyfriend would gift me gorgeous tumblers and pretty mint green plates… OOPS! I guess I’ll have pretty items for serious occasions now, and the thrift shop items for recipe testing 😉

Definitely not the prettiest picture I ever took.. Can’t wait for summer: daylight, I miss you! Anyway, I made another delicious quiche with spinach and tomatoes. Find my recipe for the ‘any vegetable quiche’ here.

On February 12th, it was my birthday… So I am now 22! This feels very official allof a sudden: do I have to become a grown up now? I’ll keep it short, as you can hear more about this in the Coffee vlog I uploaded about seeing my recipes in a book and other cool things.

The most horrible shot I’ve ever had: a ginger, turmeric and lime shot. With cracked black pepper. Apparently, black pepper helps the body absorb the turmeric better, but it doesn’t help for flavour…! Anyway, I kept feeling sick-ish. Like I was about to get the flu. So after a while of having these symptoms I decided to try and give my body a boost with a healthy shot! I believe it actually helped a bit, but it still took a few days to feel fully functional again.

More shopping! This time I dragged the bf over to the Asian toko, where I scored many items like poppyseeds and golden syrup. Recipes coming soon!

Ah, Deliveroo… I was allowed to order food with Deliveroo, and received this cool care package up front. Read more about it here!

Not only did I make delicious caramels, I played around with white chocolate too <3 These turned out to be not only homemade, but my favourite chocolate treat ever! Want to find out what’s in the centre, and make some of your own? I of course shared the recipe with you, and you can find it here.

Another shop photo! Whenever I have bad days, I like to make myself happier with some new goodies for the kitchen. And hey, I actually needed most of these anyways! 😉 The bowls are for noodles and stuff, and I’ve been wanting them for a while. Then we have cute new linen napkins for photos and a little plant to get the Spring feeling going, and of course my new bundt cake shape… Noes was obviously thinking ‘Hey, there’s a hole in here… I should stick my paw in it.’

That’s all for now, I would show you everything but I don’t want to give away all my recipes for the upcoming month 😉 Little hints: more baking, another Louises Lunches recipe and a flavour paste…. See you soon!

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