Food-photo Diary March 2017

Time flies…. Here’s my food-photo diary of March 2017! What were the best blogs, recipes and pins? What did I eat and take photos of?

Yay, Spring has sprung! That’s super positive for my food-photo taking: no more rushing, no more cooking in the middle of the day 😉


Let’s start with some chatting, shall we? First of all, I’d like to know who of you are participating in the #FoodPhotoChallengeSAAC next month! 🙂 What? You haven’t heard of it yet? Read more about it in this post! {I have received some questions about the challenge, of people who weren’t sure they’d be able to post every day. No worries! It’s perfectly fine to only participate a few days: you can just pick the subjects you like to post a food-photo about!}

Hey foodies! It's time for another Food Photo Challenge on Instagram ;) Here's 30 subjects, are you going to participate? #FoodPhotoChallengeSAAC April 2017

Lots has happened this month: cat in heat (third time in a row!), cat to the vet, cat sterilized… On one side it’s a sad thought that we can never have baby kitties from Noes: she really is the sweetest cat ever! On the other hand it would be nice to no longer experience our cat in heat. She makes a lot of noise, and behaves very strangely…

Some other random news: because of my medication I’ve been feeling sick quite a lot this month, so I wasn’t really into cooking :/ Can’t wait to catch up on missed times!

Also, the 15th of March was the day the Dutchies voted. It’s not as big a happening as it was with Trump and all that in America, but it’s still kind of important! We had a voting station really close by our house, so we could walk there together.

Most popular in March

I’ll quickly discuss the most popular… of this month! (Don’t forget: click the name of the blog to go directly to the post!)

The food photo challenge SAAC blog 🙂

Increase your blog traffic with the shared Pinterest board + ‘Favourite blog recipes’

‘Project Positive’ tag


By far the most popular recipe (with twice as many views as the second best!): the coconut matcha mini pie!

Second best is Louises recipe this month: sweet potato bread <3

And finally, one of my all-time favourite recipes also made it: homemade cinnamon rolls!


These espresso caramels are perfect for people with a sweet tooth and caffeine addiction! A recipe for homemade candies, which can be used in baking.

Espresso Caramels

Homemade tzatziki goes together great with meatballs and flatbread. Serve as dinner, lunch or party appetizer: success guaranteed!

Homemade tzatziki with meatballs and flatbread

This browned honey butter chicken is not only delicious, but done in no time! Using chicken thighs ensures a juicy and flavourful piece of meat.

Browned honey butter chicken

Photo Diary

Now onto the fun part: the photo diary. Watch with me!

Mmmm yes, I still had some Deliveroo credit left so I ordered… SUSHI! Absolutely love sushi, and it’s so convenient to have it delivered to your door… Before our first Deliveroo order, the amount of times we ordered in was 1. Only once in nearly five years. And now I’ve already ordered 3 times in less than a month!


On March 12th: it was my boyfriends birthday! We celebrated for a small group of family members, and of course I had to create a GIF of him blowing out the candles 😉

I picked up handlettering! Still have loads to learn though.


I had lunch with an old friend to catch up and talk about something very exciting: a logo for Stay Alive and Cooking! Aileen from Studio Lien is going to help me with not only the logo but business cards and maybe even a new layout, too.

More coffee dates: I met up with Sanne from CuliNice at the Chocolate Company. (Don’t worry, before this cappuccino I had a hot chocolate ;)) We talked about blogging, personal life, writing and photography, and a possible collab between CuliNice and Stay Alive and Cooking!

So I ordered some vitamins at Flinndal, and I received these energy bars with them. Happy with the vitamins (Omega 3 for better concentration, Vitamin B for more energy and fibre pills for my stomach!), not so happy with these bars… Tastes like chewing on old vitamin pills!

My lovely cousin Dagmar stayed over for the weekend, and we made some videos… Such as the ‘Dutchies try Asian candy’ video I uploaded this week! You can watch it here.

Chocolate… I love it! Which is why I was super happy when I got an e-mail from cookloveshare, saying that I was the one who won their give-away! Forgetful as I am I couldn’t remember what exactly I won, so I checked the original post…. A YEAR worth of chocolate! 72 ‘hands off my chocolate’ bars in 6 different flavours! I am still in shock.

Dutch strawberry season has begun <3 So sweet, so fragrant! And those colours… Perfect for a food-photo.

My weekly market haul 😉

And finally: my meal prep/survival kit situation for my first test day/appointment at the place where I’ll hopefully continue my anxiety dealing path. So many nice comments wishing me luck: it made me feel so supported! Thank you <3

That’s it for now, hope to see you again soon!

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