Four movies every foodie has to watch

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Today I’ll write about something a little different, but still a subject I love: movies. In my spare time I not only like to cook, I also watch loads of series and movies. And what’s better than to combine the two: watch a lot of movies about food!

I’ve prepared a list of my personal favourites, if you have any more I should watch feel free to let me know!

Chef (2014)

The story is that a great chef loses his job because he doesn’t want to cook this preset menu that leaves no room for creativity. He decides to follow his dream and start his own food truck, which enables him to let people from all over the country taste his food. He finds his passion for cooking again, and reignites his way of life.

This has got to be one of my favourite movies of all time. Not only because there’s food and cooking in it, but because of the high feel good level. It’s motivational, getting me excited about doing what I love instead of doing what I’m supposed to do, and probably getting everyone excited about cooking good food. It’s funny, it’s serious, it’s really really good. Watch the trailer here.

Chef’s Table: Massimo (2015)

Chef’s Table is not a movie, it’s more of a documentary. There are 6 episodes, which each focus on a different chef. You get to see inside their kitchen, hear about how their story started, their difficulties and how they are doing. I’d like to focus on the episode with Massimo Bottura, even though the other episodes are interesting too.

This really is my favourite episode because it makes you fall in love with pasta. The way Massimo speaks about tortellini, parmezan cheese and cooking in general is so inspiring: it makes you feel the same passion he feels. Truly amazing to see where he came from, and where he is now. After seeing that documentary I had only one thought: I have to go and eat there sometimes. One can dream…

Burnt (2015)

Another story about a great chef, but this one lost everything due to drugs and drinking problems. He used to run a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris, but decides to start over in London. He gets a great team together and is working extremely hard to get those Michelin stars, but not everyone believes he deserves them.

This movie is a bit more gloomy sometimes, but still very funny and entertaining. It also shows that if you want something you really have to work for it. I really loved the way they showed his passion in cooking, and the interacting between the main characters. Find more information and a trailer here.

Julie & Julia (2009)

A story that combines the beginning of Julia Child’s career and a woman named Julie’s attempt to cook the recipes of Julia for 365 days. She decides to keep a journal on a soon popular blog. As viewer you get to see the ups and downs of both women, and how similar their stories are in a way.

I believe this is one of the first movies about food that I fell in love with. I watched it many many years ago with my parents, but the feel good factor instantly had me hooked. It really captivates you from beginning to end!


That’s it for now, in a while I’ll probably have more. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments below, or send me a message via the Contact tab. See you next time!


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