Iced tea recipe + … more ways to drink enough water

This post gives you tips and tricks to drink more water and stay hydrated. It includes a delicious iced tea recipe! | Stay Alive and Cooking

Hi there! A big part of feeling great in your skin is making sure you drink enough water. This has always been a problem for me: water can be so boring in comparison to sodas! I’m sure there are many more people who have this problem so I decided to share my favourite ways to drink more water, and a recipe for a great iced tea.

Feel free to share your own tips as well!

Staying hydrated & an iced tea recipe | Stay Alive and Cooking

Benefits of drinking more water

For me, one of the main downsides of not drinking enough water is definitely that I get headaches! But there are many more ways why drinking water is necessary, and I’ll list some of them here.

Your body gets rid of “the bad stuff” when you pee. (Thank you kidneys) Yup! It’s even said that drinking a lot of water can help you lose weight.

Your body is around 60% water. You need that water you drink for digesting and so many other bodily functions.

You need it for health in general. If you drink enough water your skin will start glowing (I speak from experience!), you will have less acne and other skin problems, your muscles will remain healthy, your bowel function will be normal… Need I continue?

Staying hydrated & an iced tea recipe | Stay Alive and Cooking

How to drink more water

I’ll start with some great tips!

Make a schedule. For example: I like to drink two glasses of water with breakfast, around lunch, and before dinner. That’s already six glasses down!

Bring a water bottle wherever you go. This will make it easier to drink enough water: you don’t have to drink a lot of it in one time, you can measure it out through the day.

Set a goal. I have an app on my phone that allows me to “add” a glass of water with just one tap on the screen (amongst other things). This is sort of fun, too: I can see my progress of the week!


Fruit infused waters

Yes, we all know that adding a slice of lemon can be a nice touch… But have you tried other fruits? Some of my personal favourites are (blood) orange slices, or pieces of apple! And how about these recipes? Click the title to go to the page!

Day Spa Mango Ginger Water – Lose weight by eating

Berry Water recipe – Budget Savvy Diva

Orange, strawberry and mint water – Eat Drink Shop Love



Okay I’m guessing you all know about this wonderful thing called “tea”, right? Well I’m guessing you didn’t know that there are a loooot of ways to make this cup of tea even better! How about adding:
– a cinnamon stick
– mint leaves
– a slice of lemon/orange
– a piece of ginger
– cardamom seeds
– basil

There are so many ways to enhance this drink! Of course, drinking it as iced tea is also a way… 😉

Iced tea recipe

Iced mint tea recipe
A delicious and refreshing drink for this summer!
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. Black or green tea, 1 teabag
  2. Mint, 3 branches
  3. Lemon, 1 half
  4. Mango cubes (frozen), 2 spoonfuls
  5. Honey, 2 spoonfuls
  6. Water, 600 ml
  7. Ice cubes
  1. Prepare a pot (600 ml) of tea with either a black or green tea bag. Add the frozen mango cubes and let this cool down for a bit while preparing the rest.
  2. Cut the lemon in slices and add this to a tall glass. Add the mint branches as well.
  3. Stir the honey through the tea.
  4. Place the ice cubes in the tall glass with the lemon and mint, and pour over the tea.
  5. Serve!
Hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks, and the iced tea recipe! Feel free to share anything else I should have added in the comments below.
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