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IMG_4941Hellooo, I’m back! I wasn’t gone for too long but still, it felt very weird… I got so used to blogging and writing something almost daily!

In this post I’ll give you a quick update – ins & outs, and what’s going on with my blog now. Feel free to leave a message!


So, I handed in all 6 of my papers and am now waiting for the results. Unfortunately the first grade I got back was a 5 out of 10 for Economics… Sad story! I worked very hard on it but I knew it wasn’t my strongest paper. Hopefully I’ll have the feedback soon, so I know what I did wrong. I might have to admit resits, which would mean a little less time for blogging again. But I’ll let you know 🙂

My second result was a 6.5 out of 10 for Marketing, which is a bit better but still not making me very happy. I worked so hard! I finished everything on time! So I’m grumpy. But anyway, both grades are temporary so if I’m lucky they’ll go up.



If you follow me on Instagram (find me here!) you’ll probably already know this, but I’ve been to my first press event this Monday! Very exciting. I’ll upload a blog about this on Sunday, so I’ll tell you more about it then.

I can tell you that I made some valuable connections, and have been invited to more events already. Can’t wait to meet more food bloggers and learn everything there is to know!

When you’re reading this I am at another Event: the European Food Blogger Convention in the Amsterdam RAI. This is a place where bloggers meet bloggers and companies interested in working with bloggers, so I’m sooooo curious! And there will be many lectures, which should be very interesting too. 



Yes, I do have a life next to blogging and school but I haven’t seen much of it lately. Unfortunately school takes up so much of my energy and it is so exhausting for me that I can’t take many more impressions. Even while I’m writing this now I notice I can’t find my words and can’t write like I would like to, simply because my head is already full. Sound familiar?

Anyway, I hopefully won’t have to do many resits so I’ll have some more time for myself. I have been doing some exciting things though: I’ve seen Radiohead live for the second time and it was so amazing <3

And the boyfriend and I have been eating many nice things, which ALWAYS cheers me up! I’m so easy to please. I’ll include some photos.

See you soon! Thanks for staying up to date with me.

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The photos I added were made in Lunchbar Vermut in Breda, where they serve pinchos! We loved it, we went there this Tuesday and enjoyed some nice glasses of wine 😉 I met the owner of Vermut at the press event I was at on Monday.


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