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stay alive and cooking

Hi guys! Dutch blog foodquotes uploaded a blog with some sort of “interview” with me, and I thought it would be fun to translate the post so that you can read my answers too! It was quite fun to answer, nearly all questions regarded food 😉 Let me know what you think!

She wrote:

“Today in Monday Meets I’d like to introduce the lady behind Stay Alive and Cooking. Her blog is completely in English, but today she answered the questions in Dutch. With her blog she’d like to show that cooking a delicious meal is not that hard: not even for students.


My name is Vivian, I’m 21 years old and I live in Breda. I study at the ‘Higher hotel school’ and am currently in year 3. As a “starting student” I never really enjoyed cooking: I rarely cooked anything besides macaroni or vegetables/meat/potatoes…. Boring! Last year I decided to take some extra time with my education, and the time I freed up was spent in the kitchen. Nowadays I’ve expanded my repertoire, refuse to cook with packets and sachets and I thoroughly enjoy trying as many dishes as possible. I’d like to pass that on to other students (& others): eating nice and healthy food isn’t hard!


As I mentioned before, my blog is mainly about food. I share recipes, from breakfast to dessert and from easy to a little more difficult, but I also write about restaurants, products or visited media-events. Expect a lot of honesty: there’s even a blog about a somewhat “unsuccessful” gnocchi experiment… (If you’d like to read it, find it here)

I also share a lot about my personal life. Usually by adding a small story in front of every recipe, and occasionally as a separate “life” post.

A delicious strawberry salad with mozzarella and smoked chicken, topped with a homemade basil/balsamic dressing. | Stay Alive and Cooking


Coffee! I try to drink more tea as well but usually I think it’s somewhat boring. I prefer my coffee with quite a lot of milk and a little sugar, but I like to try other things as well. Have you for example ever tried adding a little cinnamon or cardamom to your ground coffee?


Oefffff, that’s quite a difficult question! If I really had to choose I’d go for savoury, I can’t imagine only eating sweet dishes for the rest of my life…. But in a restaurant I’ll always check the desserts first, haha!

Best memory of food

Again, quite a difficult question, but the first thing that comes to mind is our holiday in Valence last year with my boyfriend. I was soooo happy, we had fresh breads and fruit every day from the big indoor market, in the afternoon we’d enjoy pinchos (small bites on a piece of bread) and then in the evening we’d go out for dinner in the nicest little restaurants with preferably as many locals as possible. Loved it! 

stay alive and cooking

Favourite foodspot

I don’t really have a favourite restaurant, as I like to try different ones every time. I do however really like those tapas/shared dining concepts: I can never choose what I want to eat, so having to choose multiple small dishes is ideal!

Favourite dish

Changes regularly, we don’t want things to get boring! It often includes pasta, or cheese. Or a delicious combo of salty & sweet, such as goats cheese wrapped in thin bacon and covered with honey. I think I’d be able to write a whole post about my favourites alone: food is my biggest hobby!


“One step at a time.” I usually have the feeling I have to do things right the first try: get my degree in one go, be healthy in one day, just do things that I find scary…. But that’s not healthy, and not achievable, either. Everyone does things their own way and at their own pace, and learning to accept that is the first step.

Where, or !


Hope you enjoyed this somewhat different post, while we’re enjoying our vacation in Lisbon! See you soon,

Find the original interview here:




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