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Coffees at Barista Cafe Breda | Stay Alive and Cooking

Hi guys, and welcome to the second edition of food talk! I hope you all enjoyed the first one because I’m back with some more chatting, photo’s and my favourite blog posts of last month. Come along, and let me know how you are doing too!

First of all I’d like to say I really enjoyed reading the comments at my previous Food Talk and other posts in general. It feels so rewarding to know people actually care, and read my stuff! And I love hearing from the people who read it, so don’t feel shy. You really make a beginning blogger happy 🙂

I’m going to start with some updates on my life, then I’ll share my favourite blog posts of other blogs and the most popular ones on mine.

Coffees at Barista Cafe Breda | Stay Alive and Cooking


How am I doing? Well, quite okay. I have to say I had a bit of a rough time getting through my first days of school as the fear and panic was there immediately, making me feel like I did not learn anything at all in my year of absence. I got frustrated, which is understandable but not necessary. I mean, if you return to the place, schedule and activities that made you extremely unhappy and stressed it is quite normal that you feel scared at first, right?


I have spent quite a lot of time thinking and thinking and if I had to explain it I always use the example my therapist uses. He told me that those feelings of being scared are extremely necessary. For example, if a crocodile walks through your door your instincts immediately react: crocodile means pain and you will do whatever it takes to stay away from the pain so you climb on top of something.


This is basically what happens when you have anxiety as well. Of course, there is no crocodile but there are situations that make your instincts react in the same way. I had panic attacks and was under so much stress at school that I had to stop for a while. My instincts see “school” as the crocodile: it caused me a lot of pain and I have to stay away! I don’t climb on top of things to do so, but I get really tense because my body is getting ready for the pain I had the last time I was in the same situation.

Does that make sense?  I hope it does, anxiety is very difficult to understand. Of course, even if I go through the same stress now it won’t be the same again. I learned a lot, and I am still learning every day! So hopefully I will make it through my education without running into any more crocodiles 🙂

Coffees at Barista Cafe Breda | Stay Alive and Cooking


I’m crazy about Spring. I love this weather! I already unpacked some of my Summer clothes and ordered some new, happy happy girl right here. I’m so lucky to have a balcony! I’ll often sit there with my coffee or laptop to write.

Good things

And yes, many good things happened this month too! I for example won a breakfast box by posting pictures of my breakfast on Instagram and by tagging Hero Fruit. (Sorry, this is for Dutchies only!) Every week they pick the nicest breakfast posts, and one week I was included! I got this really cool package filled with breakfast goodies. And you all know how crazy I am about breakfast… Right?!

Also, I’m now a featured blogger for the Culinary Content Network! This means that a selection of my posts will be on the homepage of, how cool is that?!

Favourite reads of April

This list won’t be too long this food talk: since I went back to school I haven’t had as much time to read as I had before 🙁 and to be honest I quite often forget to save the ones I like, haha!

But aaanyways:


Quinoa Spring Rolls – Beck Jane West
Seriously, just look at how pretty those are!

Mushroom Bolognese – Gimme Some Oven
I am CRAZY about both mushrooms and pasta: win-win!

Mexican Rice and Bean skillet – Fooduzzi
After recently discovering that I DO like Mexican food, this dish sounds very appetizing. Love the colours!

Arancini with Easy Marinara Sauce – Girl Heart Food
No joke – this sounds perfect. Cheese, risotto, marinara sauce… What could go wrong?!

Arugula Pesto Pasta with blistered tomatoes and burrata – No Spoon Necessary
Not only does this look and sound delicious, Cheyanne writes in a really relatable way.

Most popular posts from Stay Alive and Cooking in April:

A healthier yoghurt lemon pie that is actually delicious! The crust made of nuts & dates is delicious and tastes just like cookies. | Stay Alive and Cooking

Guilt free yoghurt lemon pie

Roasted onions and green beans with balsamic glaze | Stay Alive and Cooking

Green beans and onion with balsamic glaze

Delicious cauliflower soup | Stay Alive and Cooking

Cauliflower soup


How do you do? | Food Talk

Okay, that’s the food talk for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this overview, see you next time!

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