Kitty Cafe “Kopjes” in Amsterdam


Hey all!
Today I share a post a little different than the others. Last Friday two friends and I visited a café where you can drink a nice cup of coffee, eat a slice of cake and cuddle with cats. What? That’s right! We went to the first and only “Kitty café” in the Netherlands! If you’d like to know our experiences, continue reading.

In Amsterdam West there’s this cute little cafe hidden in one of the smaller streets. If you didn’t know it was there you’d probably walk right past it! You have to make a reservation in advance, and then you get to spend around 2 hours in the cafe for 3 euros. The coffees are a little bit expensive but overall it is well priced: it is only logical to pay a little extra for the experience you get in return.

The decor of Kopjes is very cool: all around the cafe are places to sleep and play for the cats walking around. Most hiding places are high up where no one can reach them: they have to climb up there with the various resources lining the walls. I will post some pictures down below. There are 8 cats in total, and their stories are posted on the wall. Most cats have something that probably kept potential owners from adopting them, they have diabetes, an allergy or are missing an eye. Luckily they found a home at this place! The guests can sit all around the room: there are a few tables, some chairs and couches to choose from. It’s a bit like a large living room, all that’s missing is a fireplace.

We ordered a cappuccino and a nice piece of pie. Unfortunately the red velvet was sold out just before us *sad face*. So my friends ordered the salted caramel brownie which was nice but very heavy and rich, and I ordered the carrot cake-cheese cake combination. It was very nice, the frosting was not that sweet, and the pie itself had a nice texture. The cappuccinos were hot, which also is a big plus!

The cats were not that cuddly, and they didn’t really react to the visitors in the cafe. We were not allowed to pick them up, which I fully understand, but I hoped one would jump on my lap!
They probably receive so much attention every day, they aren’t that interested anymore. Luckily they had many hiding places, and we had a lot of fun just watching them climb around the room. I could have watched them all day if they had let me…

We were served by some nice ladies, who seemed very fond of their job. We weren’t asked if we wanted a second cup of coffee but we had plenty of opportunities to order something, as there was always someone walking around. I had the idea that they were closely watching us interact with the cats, which was very reassuring to us. After all, not everyone is used to cats and it was good to know the staff members were looking after the “house pets”.

Overall we had a positive experience in a very warm and relaxing environment. If I lived in Amsterdam I would probably go there so often, to study or take a break from all the hustle. Would definitely recommend paying this cafe a visit if you love cats as much as I do!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review. If there is any place in the Netherlands you think I should visit next feel free to let me know! See you tomorrow 🙂

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