Life update: it’s my birthday!


Good morning, I think it’s time for another life update ๐Ÿ˜‰

First of all: today is not my birthday. It was actually on 12/02, but I didn’t get to write about it until now! Even though I was alone on the day itself I had a really great birthday: we went out for dinner at an awesome wine bar (review will follow soon) and celebrated my birthday for family on Saturday in our apartment. My lovely friends came over on Sunday for some wine and cheese, too! Overall a great birthday weekend if you ask me.

The day started as it usually would: I went to the gym for a short morning work-out, and started planning my day after that. I had to finish one soup, prepare another, and bake two cakes! I prepared roasted tomato soup, a typical Dutch pea soup, a chocolate/vanilla cake and this lovely carrot cake. Took me nearly all day but the results were really nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner on Friday

I was really eager to go out for dinner with my boyfriend in the evening: finally I could start celebrating! I chose this great wine bar to go to, which I will discuss in a future post. They have a “shared dining” concept, which basically means you can choose between many small platters to create your own menu. They also had a surprise menu of 7 courses, which we decided to go for as this is something we usually love. And everything was so delicious! All the small dishes had a really nice taste, and there was a lot of variety.

We received a dessert as well, and lucky us: it was a grand dessert…. It consisted of so many different flavours and parts, and was brought to us by one of the chefs himself. What made the night even better was our waiter who was really cool. He was polite but still rather informal, which suits us pretty well. He really understood his job, and I have great respect for that. The ambiance was great, our food was delicious and we enjoyed a proper wine and each others company.

Saturday: celebrating my birthday for family

Ooof, this was the first time for me to celebrate my birthday at “my place” (instead of at my parents’) and to be a host myself. Also, because of my anxiety I have had problems in the past with birthdays and social settings. This caused me to worry whether or not it would be a success to host a birthday myself, but since I had been feeling so much better and more confident I decided just to go for it. After all, I had the boyfriend and my parents to help me so it wasn’t like I had to do it on my own.

And it turned out to be so easy! I felt really relaxed and was able to be a good host in my opinion. Together with the boyfriend we made sure everyone was taken care of, and my dad was in charge of the wine. He can’t really let go of his little girl after all, haha! The soups seemed to be liked by many, and my carrot cake was really popular. I think everyone had enough to eat and drink, which is really important in my opinion as a waitress by heart… (And as a daughter of my father, who always has enough to feed an army!)

Nearly all my family members were there, and I really enjoyed showing them our house and having them over in general. I really like my family ๐Ÿ™‚ I received many nice and thoughtful gifts, which is always something I’ve loved about my birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰


I believe that that day I was actually some sort of combination of the waitress-Vivian and family-Vivian: I was confident and open like I was when working in a restaurant, but also personal and a bit more like I used to be when I was younger. To explain: I was always talking a lot, bouncing around with so much energy and would always be kind of annoying with my nieces because we were giggling all the time. I was not afraid to be in the centre of attention, which I lately have actually feared a lot. But that day I was feeling so strong, I didn’t want all the eyes to be on me but because of my returning confidence I didn’t have to shy away from it either.

I was finally feeling more like myself again. And that has got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Wine and cheese with the girl friends on Sunday

Wheww, we were so exhausted the next morning! I couldn’t sleep until late and woke up really early, so we stayed in bed and accidentally fell back asleep until eleven. We cleaned up the house and spent half the day watching series and stuff on the couch. Too lazy to function! We had cake for breakfast, also a big plus.

My friends came over in the afternoon and we chatted while eating crackers with cheese. Luckily they were too lazy to cook too, so we decided to go to a snackbar and get some fries! I enjoyed having them over, it was the perfect ending to my weekend.


I think that’s it for my birthday stories this time, I hope it was enjoyable to read and I would love to invite you to follow me on various social sites. See you next time!


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Grand dessert
Our grand dessert…
food we love box
The food we love box I received from my boyfriend!
Carrot cake
My carrot cake



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