Life Update: January


Good day to you!

I’d like to share some stories of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. The first month of the year has past: how are we doing in terms of new years resolutions?! Also: my boyfriend moved in with me in my apartment in December and we had the entire month of January to spend together. Last weekend we “upgraded” our house a bit, just before he had to start his placement. I had to get used to being alone from 7 am to 7 pm, which has been weird! But I found some activities to entertain myself 😉

I’ve been to school this week to talk about my options of returning there after being gone for nearly a year. I’ve discussed this in the previous “Life Updates”, so I won’t talk about that too much now. I’ve been blogging a lot, already 18 published posts and I’m not even working on it for a month! I’ll include some pictures to illustrate my life a bit, and we’ll see where it goes.

New Years resolutions

Pheww, 2016. It feels like it’s been going on for months already, how weird is that! I didn’t really make New Years resolutions: I just promised myself I’d stay on the right track of living healthier in every way. This meant not only going to the gym every once in a while and paying more attention to what I eat, it’s especially directed towards feeling more like myself and staying focussed on getting happy! Appreciating the small things, and concentrating on the parts that go right instead of wrong.  

I have been going to the gym 2-3 times a week and we cooked a lot of nice but healthy dinners. It feels like my health is improving, and I don’t even need a scale to tell me this anymore. It’s how I feel that matters now 🙂 Also, I still eat lots of unhealthy food. I mean hellooo, who doesn’t love chocolate and desserts?! But I’m starting to learn that this is not a bad habit: as long as you enjoy that piece of chocolate it’s all good.

My “happiness level” has been going up and down: as I am getting closer to the source of my anxiety this of course influences my mood. However, I am learning so much about myself and have found new ways to create happiness. I’m going to try mindfulness soon, will let you know how that goes!

Living together 

“I live together with my boyfriend”. Doesn’t that sound extremely grown up? People are wondering if it’s a bad thing to start living together at such a young age. Well let me tell you: it’s not. No, in fact: nothing changed! Yes, sometimes I’m annoyed that he leaves his socks on what used to be my bedroom floor and of course we have our disagreements every once in a while, but we had been so used to being together that it was not that big of a step. We can still be childish together, who says we have to be grown ups!

And we have a lot of fun. He loves food as much as I do, so that is great of course. This is going to sound like a cliché but it makes me happy to call it “our house” now, too. It’s a good thing that we live together now: because of his internship he leaves the house at 7 am and comes home 12 hours later. At least I get to see him in the evening!

Our apartment

For exactly a year (as I am typing this) I’ve been living in my cosy apartment in Breda. I fell head over heels in love with it, it’s everything I could have hoped for! The previous owner had dark brown walls, and the whole apartment needed some attention in general: it was so dark and gloomy. I kind of went overboard on this… My walls are coloured bright green and light blue! I have grey floors and black/white/grey furniture. My father and I (but mainly my father) placed an extra kitchen dresser too, so I have all the space I need for my cooking and baking. I have one wine red wall in my bedroom, the other two are white and the last one is all window.

I had to get used to sharing this great little palace of mine, as you can probably imagine. Gone was my extra closet space! Nahh, I’m only kidding (am not). But last weekend we spent some more time in making it even better. Together with my mom and dad we bought a beautiful new couch, on which we can both relax at the same time instead of having to fight for who gets to lay down. The paintings and pictures are finally on the wall, and I have an extra set of shelves in the kitchen! (Yes I am now living together but it will always be my kitchen, no arguing about that)


I spent quite some time blogging already, and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint at all. Of course, it’s a small blog and I don’t have that many visitors, but I enjoy writing so much! I feel like I got a bit of passion back, both for cooking as in general. And all because of this little blog 😉 I hope there’s some of you out there, and that you enjoy my writing too. There’s so much more I want to write about, recipes to try and things to bake!

My Instagram account has been growing and I hope to welcome more of you soon. Would love to hear from you! I guess that’s it for today, I will be back soon with more recipes and possibly life updates, too. See you next time, and enjoy your weekend! Will post some pictures down below 🙂
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Our new couch!
I visited a toko for the first time! Lots of inspiration for future dishes 🙂
Gym time! And yes, I have to drag myself there. Definitely no #fitgirl material….
Ikea boxes make great cabins for hiding purposes.
My parents brought the pup!






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