Food diary of March


OOPS! I totally forgot this post in my drafts. I’ll quickly post this now, hope you’ll like all my food photossss… Food diary!

The reason why I plan to write this weekly blog is to give me some more space in terms of blogging. I set the goal for myself to update almost daily (Wednesday and Sunday are the days that I don’t post anything new, or something random) which can be a bit hard to keep up!

So this way I can share something smaller on Sunday or Wednesday. I don’t have to cook something, I can just write about other things, food related. Like a food diary! This will take some off the stress away, and give me an opportunity to just type away πŸ™‚

Food diary: March

DSCN5846 My father works for a company with many international business relations. He likes to show these people around in the Netherlands as some sort of personal tour guide! A few weeks ago this lovely American woman was here and she was incredibly funny.DSCN5849 I decided to go with them on the drive past our mills and who knows what other typical Dutch things, after which we had dinner in one of those Mills in Schiedam. Such a special and lovely meal!



You may have seen her blog before: the Beaming Baker. I tried one of her recipes for Vegan chocolate chip cookies, which was my first time attempting Vegan baking! I added some hazelnuts for extra crunch and they were very delicious πŸ™‚


I loooove oatmeal breakfasts! As you might have seen when you follow me on Instagram. This particular one was very tasty, with plums and different nuts… Yumm!


The twelfth of March was a very special day: The boyfriends’ birthday! I baked him these tasty but rather ugly Lemon lime cupcakes and made him a big breakfast. The beginning of a really lovely day! We had dinner in the evening, where we shared lovely tapas dishes.


Like I said. I love oatmeal.


I made some more delicious hummus, which I’m crazy about: find my recipe here.


I quite regularly make granola as well, but decided to update my recipe so it’s not on the site for now. It’s planned to upload around the beginning of May, so stay tuned!

Yay! Pie for breakfast <3 Find my recipe by clicking this link.

Okay, I will leave it at this for now. I promise my next food diary will be way more organized!

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