November 2016

Another month flew by! Let’s take a look at November 2016, shall we? Includes a list of favourites and a picture/video diary.


Ohhh my, it’s already December! Are you excited? I know I am. Time to set up the Christmas tree and start the preparations for our Christmas dinner(s)… It’s my favourite time of the year! But before we dive into December, let’s review November 2016 first.

I’ll start with the lists first; for the photo diary you just have to scroll down!

Favourites of November 2016

Get some inspiration from my list of favourites! What did I love this month?

Okay, so first I’m going to give you some recommendations. If you haven’t already, go and see “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. If you’re into Harry Potter movies, you’ll love this one! And if you’re not, well, I think you’ll still love it. The world of magic and endless possibilities – it sometimes makes me jealous. I wish I lived in a world where magic existed, don’t you?

Also, the new Planet Earth 2 documentaries are currently airing. For this, I only have one word: beautiful. And amazing. And funny. Okay, maybe I do have more than one word for it, but it’s simply so impressive! I love seeing animals in their natural habitat, combined with the voice overs of David Attenborough…. I would almost define it as ‘magical’. Plus, they really know how to keep it entertaining, interesting and funny. Has anyone else seen the scene of the back-scratching/dancing bears?

My favourite…

Pin: Kitchen math made easy
Recipe pin: Cinnamon honey butter
Recipe: Creamy Fall soup in acorn squash bowls
Recipe to try: Buttery Parker house rolls

Most popular in November 2016…

Blog: Opening of the Indonesia Week

Matcha powder and vanilla extract give the perfect flavour to these bite sized swirl cookies. And they're so much fun! | Stay Alive and Cooking
Recipe: Matcha-vanilla swirl cookies

Why not have your coffee IN your breakfast! These delicious, moist yet crunchy waffles are the perfect way to start the day. And drizzled with chocolate!
Pin: Coffee waffles with chocolate drizzle

Instagram post: Chocolate granola

November in photos

Ahh, November. So much has happened! In this month, I:

… celebrated my third year anniversary with the boyfriend, by eating fancy Italian food.

img_4884… visited the opening of “Indonesia Week” in Wah Nam Hong, markthal Rotterdam.

img_4961 img_5045

… bought waaayyy too many food-related objects, such as this cute cast-iron pan.

… prepared this two-coloured chocolate bark for someone who ordered it. (Watch video: here)


… uploaded my first vlog on my YouTube channel.

… started an Instagram account for Noes, called “Foodbloggerscat”.

I can’t wait to show you what December 2016 looks like! I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully you had a great month too. Leave a comment down below if you like, & I’ll see you soon!

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