Okay, now I really introduce myself


Okay, I’ve already said so twice before, but this really will be the blog in which I introduce myself. Not that I’m so interesting or anything, but for those who’d like to know who’s talking… Continue reading!

My name is Vivian, I’m 20 years old and I’m a student. As the name of the blog already suggests, I’m really into cooking! (And I am alive..?) Tasting and trying out new recipes is what I like to do in my spare time, and I am lucky to be surrounded by many who are like-minded. This means I tend to gain weight when I’m not being careful: with all those food lovers around me I end up eating a lot of good food! I try to find a balance between “good” days, with many vegetables and little meat and stuff, and “bad” days… Which for me usually means cooking/eating those extremely tasty pasta dishes, or something that involves a lot of potatoes and melted cheese, and always ordering desert when at a restaurant. Oops. But what can I say? I’m a person who believes enjoying good food equals enjoying life.

I’m currently on a break of studying at the hotel school here in the Netherlands. Lately I’ve struggled with deciding whether to be honest or to lie, when someone asked me how I was doing at school. I would say everything was fine, while I hadn’t been there for almost a year! Not good, it made me feel like I should be ashamed of my situation while I should not. To quickly explain: stress got the better of me. I was so focused on “fulfilling expectations” of mainly myself and my education that tension kept building inside of me, resulting in panic attacks and eventually an anxiety disorder. Taking a break from the stress seemed to be the best option. I’m working on dealing with this tension and anxiety, and I’ve already made great progress! If there was one thing I would tell my younger self, it is that you should never keep your feelings bottled up inside. They will find their way out, one way or another.

However, the hospitality industry is still where I believe my future lies. I’ve worked as a waitress for quite a bit already, and this is what truly seems to be my passion. To be fair, I also enjoy it so much because it is something I exceed at. Combine this with my love for food, and who knows what the future holds!
What else can I tell you… my hobbies include music, dancing, cooking (duhh), watching movies and playing video games. Not that interesting. About 3 weeks ago, my boyfriend moved into my apartment, which changes my life quite a bit. Takes some time getting used to as well, now that I have to share my closet space 😉 but I’m happy with our decision, we live a good life together. He loves food nearly as much as I do…
Maybe some random facts? Desserts are my favourite part of the meal. When I’m sad, placing me in front of either a Disney movie or a nature film is the best way to cheer me up. The first thing I cooked for myself when I moved out 3 years ago is a pasta dish. My favourite food changes quite regularly, but it usually involves something with pasta. I believe I prefer being at home over seeing the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love holidays! I just love being at home as well 🙂 But I did spend 6 months in Sydney, Australia for my internship at a well known hotel chain. I mainly worked in the breakfast restaurant, with the best team you could imagine. We helped each other through the early mornings, since I’m not really a morning person…

Okay, about this blog. It will contain food related blogs, food diaries, recipes, tips and tricks and hopefully some nice ideas as well. I’d like to write some stuff about other aspects from my life as well, but I will clearly mark which is which so that you can decide what you prefer to read.

I think that’s it for today, I promise I won’t bother you too much with blogs like this but I wanted to let you know who’s writing! I hope it was entertaining either way.

If there is anything you’d like to let me know, ask or tell me please feel free to do so via the comments below or my google+/Instagram account.

See you next time!

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