Banana bread: My first attempt at this healthy breakfast treat


Gooood morning!

As I’ve probably said a hundred times: I’m a breakfast person. I usually hate mornings but if there’s one good thing about it, it has to be breakfast. I usually make myself some oatmeal but I like to try something new every now and then, too. Lately every food blogger I follow has posted something about banana bread, and this always made me shiver… I like bananas as much as I like cycling through the rain. And no, I don’t like coming home soaking wet in case you were wondering!

So I literally have no idea why I decided it would be a good idea to bake a banana bread.  Anyway, I searched for a good recipe but they’re all entirely different so I decided to combine them and make my own recipe. Long story short: I added a bunch of different ingredients and I ended up liking it. SHOCKER! It has to be a fail-proof recipe, if even someone who hates bananas likes this bread… 😉

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Salmon in puff pastry at my cousin Dagmars place


Good morning!

Today I share with you a very simple, but great tasting recipe: Salmon in puff pastry. Combine with some vegetables and you’ve got a very nutritious meal! (We learned this the hard way: we were sooo full…) It needs to bake in the oven for around 30 minutes so you do need some time, but you can start doing the dishes or call your mom in the meantime 😉

Last Sunday I went to Amsterdam to visit my cousin Dagmar. Finally we could catch up again! We talked for hours and decided to cook something we’d never cooked before, how adventurous… It turned out to be not that special, but still good: the salmon was nice and soft but not gooey, the puff pastry was crisp and the herb cheese gave everything a nice flavour. I would recommend trying this one!

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Chicken Tagine


Hi there!
While learning how to cook, I like to experiment with different cuisines every now and then. It started with Italian food: I love a good pasta or lasagne! This Christmas I received a tagine as gift and I could not have been happier! I have been experimenting a bit, and decided to share my last creation with you.

Cooking with a tagine is actually really easy. You need some meat, vegetables combined with many herbs, and some liquid like bouillon. The shape of the tagine ensures all the flavours are combined and kept within the bowl. As a result, you have stew-like substance that is extremely tasty, and contains very juicy meat!
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A visit to the Seal Sanctuary and lunch at “Zoet of Zout”


Good day to you!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I know I did 🙂 To be honest: I spent waaaay to much time working on my new website. Especially on Saturday I felt my eyes turning into squares! But I was so keen to get it right that I wanted to work on it until it was. Hopefully you’re able to look at this post on a beautiful website now! Let me know in the comments what you think, or send me a message if you have any suggestions.

To summarize: on Saturday my mom and I went to the Seal Sanctuary close to our home. It opened recently, and we were curious to see it. After that we went for lunch at “Zoet of Zout”, which is a newly opened restaurant right next to the sanctuary. I will write about my experiences later in this post! In the afternoon I went for a coffee with two of my dear friends. We had so much to discuss, as always 😉 On Sunday I visited my cousin Dagmar in Amsterdam, but I will describe that in a different post. First: The sanctuary and lunch!

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Too good to be true: easy oatmeal cookies

Goooodmorning all!
It’s time for a baking recipe, and I’ve got a good one to share with you today. These oatmeal cookies are a little sticky but have a nice bite to them, and a great taste too: honey and a variation of nuts. Oatmeal is quite healthy, tasty and it leaves you satisfied for a long time. That’s why I like to use it so much! (See: apple crumble oatmeal pie for breakfast and homemade granola for example) Last week I tried a recipe of +Chickslovefood for easy oatmeal cookies. Because I used honey as sweetener and coconut oil to stick them together it’s not that unhealthy, either. What’s not to love…

I’ll be sharing more baking recipes with you, too: Gijs (the boyfriend) just started with his placement and I thought I’d give him some healthy snacks for in the train, like this cookie. Also, its my birthday next week!
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My new website!

Hi! This is my first official post on this new website. I’m so excited! 😀 I started this blog on a Blogger account, but soon found out that I was really into this whole writing-thing so I decided to turn it into an actual website:! How official does that sound?!

Not much will change, just be aware that the posts before this one were written on Blogger so they might look different and pictures are a bit vague. I’ve spent hours (yes, hours) fixing this and rebuilding my website, but for now I’m going to focus on the new posts instead. Stay tuned!




Life Update: January


Good day to you!

I’d like to share some stories of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. The first month of the year has past: how are we doing in terms of new years resolutions?! Also: my boyfriend moved in with me in my apartment in December and we had the entire month of January to spend together. Last weekend we “upgraded” our house a bit, just before he had to start his placement. I had to get used to being alone from 7 am to 7 pm, which has been weird! But I found some activities to entertain myself 😉

I’ve been to school this week to talk about my options of returning there after being gone for nearly a year. I’ve discussed this in the previous “Life Updates”, so I won’t talk about that too much now. I’ve been blogging a lot, already 18 published posts and I’m not even working on it for a month! I’ll include some pictures to illustrate my life a bit, and we’ll see where it goes.

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Perfect cold winter day Mushroom Soup

Hey guys!
Last weekend has been so busy: we had the activities in Amsterdam (read about them here and here) and on Saturday it was time to work on our apartment. I’ve been living here for almost a year now, but some things still could use some attention and now that the boyfriend is living here too it’s time to do something about it. My parents came over (and brought the puppy, yay!) and the first part of our day was spent in Ikea. Because of the rain it was extreeeemely busy, but we managed to get everything we needed. We finally have a couch that is big enough for both of us to lay down on, and I absolutely love it! Also, the pictures/paintings are finally on the wall, and I have new shelves in my kitchen. I’m very happy!
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Sunday morning breakfast: Pumpkin Pancakes

Good morning all,
I know it’s not Sunday yet, but this way you can make sure to get the groceries in time to make this perfect breakfast. Or maybe you already have some leftover pumpkin from cooking this recipe? Either way, let me tell you that this is the perfect variation on plain pancakes. I don’t even know what I was thinking the first time I made them: what if it would have turned out horribly? However, I’ve already cooked them twice now and I believe this is a winning dish!

Because you swap out sugar for the pumpkin it is less unhealthy, too. It’s also a great way to get more veggies into your meals everyday: they taste so delicious you won’t even notice it’s there! Keep reading if you’d like to cook this gorgeous recipe.
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Life Update: Anxiety


Hey all!
I started this blog to be able to share my love for food, as well as to clear my mind a bit. I’ve always felt that writing things down helps to give certain feelings a place, as well as help understand situations better. The following Life Updates will contain my life for the past couple of weeks: my first experiences with living together, improving our house even more (pictures!), I’ve been to a Toko for the first time ever (they had wasabi ice cream, really!), I learned a lot about myself and I unfortunately still have to deal with this anxiety. I’m quite busy tackling this fear: I even went to school today after almost a year! Hopefully I’ll soon feel confident enough to start going there daily again.

There’s so much going on in my head right now I don’t even know how I’m going to write this all down! But surely I can’t be the only one who feels overwhelmed sometimes, so maybe someone can identify with this. Okay, where do I start…

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