Perfect cold winter day Mushroom Soup

Hey guys!
Last weekend has been so busy: we had the activities in Amsterdam (read about them here and here) and on Saturday it was time to work on our apartment. I’ve been living here for almost a year now, but some things still could use some attention and now that the boyfriend is living here too it’s time to do something about it. My parents came over (and brought the puppy, yay!) and the first part of our day was spent in Ikea. Because of the rain it was extreeeemely busy, but we managed to get everything we needed. We finally have a couch that is big enough for both of us to lay down on, and I absolutely love it! Also, the pictures/paintings are finally on the wall, and I have new shelves in my kitchen. I’m very happy!

On Sunday we wanted a lazy day together. Even though there were a couple of days that felt like Spring had arrived, winter is back in the Netherlands. Luckily it’s not that bad: no snow or ice, just cold winds and dreary days. So last Sunday I figured I’d make something nice to warm us up: mushroom soup! Gijs (the boyfriend) was feeling sick and had to start his placement the next day, so I hoped to make him feel better, too.

I started off with making a bouillon from scratch, but I need some practise. I used one piece of marrowbone, 2 small onions and 1 clove of garlic for a large pan of soup, so it was way too watery. If you want to try it my way, use what I wrote above here and add 2 stock cubes (preferably mushroom). If you want to make it easier for yourself just use stock cubes only.

Feel free to adjust this recipe: I puréed half of the mushrooms and added the other half after that, so that the soup had a nice bite to it. You can also choose to purée all of them, or make a clear soup and purée none of them! It’s up to you: follow my lead in adapting a recipe to your preferences.

What I used: 
{- 1 marrow bone}
{- 2 small onions, 1 red and 1 yellow}
{- 1 garlic clove}
{- 2 stock cubes, mushroom flavoured}
OR swap the above ingredients for only stock cubes! Use 1 per half a litre of water or follow the instructions on the package.
– chestnut mushrooms, 400g
– white mushrooms, 250g
– fresh celery leaves, a handful
– 2 spring onions
– flour, 60g
– optional: cream

What I did:

  • First I started by making the bouillon. If you are using stock cubes, skip this step. I placed a marrowbone in a pan filled with approximately 1 litre of water. I cut up 2 small onions in cubes, and added this to the water together with a thinly sliced up clove of garlic. I let this simmer for 3.5 hours. I then found out there was not enough flavour, so I added 2 stock cubes.
  • I cut up half of the mushrooms (so around 325 grams) and placed them in the pan. I let this simmer for around 8 minutes, and then I puréed the mixture into a nice smooth soup.
  • (If you skipped the first step: this is where you want to add the stock cubes! Keep tasting until you find it tasty enough)
  • I cut up the other half of the mushrooms in nice thin slices (I used a food processor to do this for me: saves so much work!) and added this to the soup. I thinly sliced the spring onion and fresh herbs, and added this as the last touch. I let it simmer for around 8 minutes.
  • Ready to serve!

This soup is really nice with a slice of bread and some butter, or as a lunch after taking a long walk. I love homemade soups, there is so much you can use and it will taste great! Pictures down below.

See you next time,
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