Plan with me: starting my bullet journal | video

The bullet journal: you either love it or don’t know it yet! In this video I show you how I started my bullet journal, and the tools I used.

Plan with me: a bullet journal setup! May 2017.

Creative videos

Hey there! Welcome to my website. If you’re here for the first time, you may be a bit confused: a creative video on Stay Alive and COOKING? Huh?!

Plan with me: setting up my bullet journal!

Yes! Those of you who visit my blog more regularly already know that I’ve expanded my online presence from just foodblogging to (personal) blog/vlogging as well. I started uploading not only recipe videos but “Coffee Vlogs” to YouTube as well, and found that I enjoyed this as much as the initial foodblogging! Lately I’ve been watching loads of other videos on YouTube as well, which got me thinking. Why don’t I try something new? When I got acquainted with the bullet journal I knew that I wanted to share videos about this too: I personally love watching ‘Plan with me’ videos, and I hope mine will one day be just as entertaining!

Plan with me: setting up my bullet journal!

Bullet journal

So, the bullet journal. At first I didn’t understand the point of it at all, until I did some research… And I fell in love! If you’re new to bullet journalling I won’t spoil too much, but I will say it’s perfect for you if… 

  • You love making to-do lists
  • You love making lists in general
  • You have a diary, planner or agenda
  • You like having everything in one place
  • You need (more) structure in your life

The second part of the bullet journal is to be mindful and express your creativity. I’ve never really felt very creative and my drawing skills are downright horrible, but after watching around 30 plan with me videos on YouTube I’ve picked up a couple of drawings I think I could master one day.. Simple leaves and flowers, for example. So, the bullet journal is also for you if…

Plan with me: setting up my bullet journal!

  • You enjoy drawing, journalling or simply doodling random things
  • You wish you had the motivation to sit down for a little bit every day and do something creative
  • You love writing, and you enjoy pretty stationary and neat handwriting
  • You could use something to jot down and keep together all your random thoughts and ideas
  • You want to try mindfulness, without the woolly meditation and breathing techniques
  • You like to look back in old diaries or planners

Basically, this is just me summarized in two lists. Obviously the bullet journal can be for everyone and anyone, as it’s completely customizable to your preferences!

Without further ado I’ll just share the video with you guys, I hope it’s entertaining and I hope you’ll subscribe for when I start doing my Plan With Me videos!

See you soon guys, please let me know what you think!

XXX Vivian
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2 thoughts on “Plan with me: starting my bullet journal | video

  1. I’ve heard alot about bullet journaling, and this makes me want to get into it so bad. Do you recommend a journal made specifically for this purpose (if there is such a thing), or will any journal with space for pretty lists and doodles sufficient?

    1. You should totally get one! It’s so customizable, I totally love it. I’ll upload my May plan with me soon, too.

      That’s a tough question: some people use a lined journal but I think that limits you in your creativity, and others use a blank one but I’m afraid my writing is going to be really bad if I do so too :p That’s why I use a dotted one: the most popular ones are from Leuchtturm but they are pretty pricey. It depends what you want to use it for I guess! I do recommend a dotted one, but if you’d rather not spend that money I think a blank one would be fine too. Just bring a ruler!

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