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In this blog I answer the questions from the Project Positive Tag! Are you interested to read about my dreams and what happiness means to me? Then read on!

My latest coffee vlog: about my birthday, my first book (?!) and waiting for good news! A quick life update from me at YouTube!Tag

Hi guys! Lately I’ve been trying to upload a different blog every Tuesday: a restaurant or product review, or a list of favourites for example… And today I decided to fill out a question tag! The ‘Project positive’ tag was started by Dutch blogger By Dagmar Valerie and I figured I’d give it a shot.

Since I started this blog, I’ve been trying to keep it as personal as possible. As you may have noticed I try to add a little story before every recipe I post, and I recently started vlogging as well! (Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube)

This is why I figured filling out a question tag would be a good idea: so you can get to know me a little better. The project positive tag caught my attention, as staying positive is my #1 objective!

Naturally, I translated the questions for you guys. Are you going to fill it out? πŸ™‚

Project Positive

#1 What is your favourite quote, and why?
That’s quite a tough one: I’m not really a fan of cheesy quotes to be honest πŸ˜‰ However, there is one thing I always try to remember: one step at a time. Sounds so simple, but in reality it’s quite hard! With anxiety I always feel like I’m ‘behind’ and not making enough progress as everyone else, which often results in me trying to get along just as quickly as the main stream. Naturally, this doesn’t go as planned… It’s often one step forward, two steps back if I try to go too quickly. That’s why I have to remind myself: One step at a time.

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#2: Which dream would you like to be able to realize?
The dreams I’ve had in my life have varied quite a bit: when I was younger, I wanted to start my own restaurant! Currently I’m just focussing on being happy, but I’d really love to be able to do this blogging thing for the rest of my life. If I dream bigger than that, I’d like to one day publish my own books and cookbooks!

#3: What does happiness mean to you?
When I’m truly happy, I think everything just clicks. This would involve doing something I love, having my friends and family close, being happily in love with my boyfriend and, very important, experiencing little to no stress in life. That is the toughest part: letting go. The closest I get to this is when it’s summer, I have my friends around me and I can laugh and cook and eat good food!

My latest coffee vlog: about my birthday, my first book (?!) and waiting for good news! A quick life update from me at YouTube!

#4: Who can cheer you up?
As much as I love my friends, the one person who can truly cheer me up is my boyfriend. Lately I’ve been having a lot of bad days (yay for anxiety!) and he’ll talk me through it, play with our kitty and remember me of happy times. He’ll try to get me to do fun things with him like watch my favourite show (New Girl!) or he’ll bring me home chocolates and flowers. He also understands when I need to be left alone sometimes: he will still rub my back for comforting though!

#5: For what can you be woken up in the middle of the night?
Ha! That’s easy. It’s gotta be good food πŸ˜‰ Depending on my mood, this can be something sweet (think: pancakes, waffles, cake, pie – carrot cake in particular!) or something salty: I love a good burger, sushi, or anything with pasta!

#6: What was the last time you laughed a lot?
There’s two times in the past 24 hours: the boyfriend has picked up going to the gym, and he really overdoes it… This means his muscles hurt for days after he’s been! Naturally, I make use of this by tickling him and making it even worse. I laughed so hard I was near tears!

And the other time was yesterday, when I was playing Minecraft with some friends (yes, I can be geeky sometimes). It’s hard to explain but they can be really funny, and I always laugh a lot whenever we’re on Skype together.

#7: What achievement are you most proud of?
This is a tough one for me to answer, because I’m having a lot of trouble being proud of myself lately. Haha. I think I’m most proud of finishing the first 2.5 years of the hotelschool: getting all my credits in year one, having my first internship give me loads of confidence and going to Sydney all by myself for 6 months for my second internship.

#8: What message would you like to give others?
Obviously: you are not alone. Whatever you’re struggling with, please don’t be afraid to share it and ask for help! We all have those bad days, and it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Furthermore, I think we should stop comparing ourselves to others. I’m often afraid that I won’t succeed in life because I don’t have my degree, but who knows where I’ll end up! Maybe I’ll be more successful without degree because there’s different things coming towards me, and there’s only one way to find out. Live life.

I’m going to tag my lovely cousin Dagmar to fill out this tag too, enjoy!

XX Vivian
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